Monday, September 23, 2013

Psymbionic - Wanderlust Mixtape

Bass music producer Psymbionic is back with an hour long mixtape full of fresh, funky jams. "Wanderlust" spans nearly 40 tracks, including unreleased materials from the Texas artist plus tunes from his label, Gravitas Recordings.  Grab it at the link below and enjoy!!!

***Thanks to 40Hz Media for sending***


Mr. Bill & Haywyre - Dress Codes
K+Lab - Lord Steezington
Staunch - My Name Is
Love & Light - The Holodeck (Psymbionic Remix)
Stereoglyph - Particles [Gravitas Recordings]
Tipper - Bubble Control VIP
Minoru - Bad Habit
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)
Torqux - Hit Me
Au5 & Fractal - Subvert
Joe Ford - Bring The Bass
Ahab - Occult [Gravitas Recordings]
AMB - Loca
GRUFF - Trumpet Tune
Minnesota - Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
Minnesota - Stardust Redux (Crywolf Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
Pretty Lights - Around The Block (Datsik Remix)
Reso - When It Drop
Fractal - Avare
Two Fingers - Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix)
Minnesota & G Jones - Blast Off
Psymbionic & Wick It - Misunderstood [Unreleased]
Pomrad - Pomslap
Psymbionic - How Am I Not Myself [Unreleased]
Hypha ft. Haiku Funkplus - Lights
Of The Trees - Fever Trip [Gravitas Recordings]
heRobust & Two Fresh - Touch
Psymbionic - Coagulate (Love & Light Remix)
Psymbionic - Chemical Plant Zone
Pharo - Eye of the Storm [Gravitas Recordings]
Joe Ford - Majesty
Beyond Ominous - Molly's Song
Psymbionic - Slither [Unreleased]
Joker - Old Era
Millions Like Us - Behind You VIP
Cid Rim - Draw (Dorian Concept Remix)


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