Thursday, January 23, 2014

Linn Mori - Sail To The Moon

LINN MORI is a part of a talented new beat generation born in the 90's with a natural consciousness of what true hiphop is! He's a beatmaker based in Tokyo, who uses exotic funk with long solo sax to create a generous new form of beat that pushes towards ecstasy.

***Thanks to Cascade Records for sending***


01. Sail To The Earth
02. Wild Beasts
03. Hindu Maiden
04. Delicate Skin
05. Ballroom
06. Empty Throne Room
07. Evening Twilight
08. TempleOf Venus
09. Fleeting Memory
10. Silver Lillies
11. Comical Pathos
12. Punchinello
13. Viking's Grave
14. Clear Sky Of India
15. Gray Chimneys
16. Last Farewell
17. Silent Kiss
18. Swelling Waves
19. The Wind Whistled
20. A light Candle L
21. Bornholm Clock
22. Brillant Day
23. Sail To The Moon


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