Thursday, January 8, 2015

News: TableBeats - Available on App Store!

TableBeats is the perfect tool for scratch dj's, emcees, breakdancers etc. Expand and master your techniques in various styles of beats, or put down lyrical ideas for the next banger. Plug in your iPhone or iPad into your sound system and start the session. All beats are played nonstop and therefore there will be no more interrupted sessions. You can practice for hours on the same beat, or use TableBeats shuffle function with 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Be ready for every beat that is thrown at you.

ASC (Automatic Speed Control) helps you to dominate in different tempo, by changing the speed 1% every 30 seconds, plus or minus (Pro version only).

TableBeats library is consistently expanding. New beatmakers with funky beats for you, to make you a master of your force. Place your favorite beats in TableBeats playlist for easy and fast access.
While using TableBeats you'll notice prominent advancement and progress in your skills. Combining practice with inspirational beats, the TableBeats application gives you an exclusive opportunity to expand in your genre. Practice and be master of all different techniques in various styles of beats and BPM

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