Friday, June 5, 2015

Mr. Moods - The Jazz Jousters Series Vol​.​1

Listen to the sounds of Mr. Moods in this compilation of his submissions for the Jazz Jousters lab off session during our first season.

You about to be taken on journey through the sounds of Jazz, Trip Hop, Down-tempo, Chilled out production from a very season producer who has been with the Jazz Jousters collective since the very beginning.

***Thanks to Millennium Jazz Music for sending***


1. Perfect Dinner with Dorothy 04:32
2. Mirrors 02:59
3. One Night at the Hotel 03:58
4. Meeting at the Park with Charlie 03:43
5. Existence 03:19
6. Listen To What I'm Saying 03:33
7. Getz attention feat. Vinyldigger Digger 04:13
8. Love is a Strange Thing 05:02
9. Bouillabaisse 04:42
10. Herbs 04:12
11. The Golden Gates Are Open 04:24
12. Blue and Green 03:17
13. Street Laws 03:40

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