Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rusty Joints - Open Beat Tape 002: NOVA TAPE

Rusty Joints sends Volume 2 of the Open Beat Tape catalog. The idea is that these instrumentals are open to whomever feels like rocking with them. Emcees, singers and such can take these foundations and build a song on it. They Can use them for promotions, free give-aways and mix tapes and freestyle sessions and all of that. Just credit Rusty Joints.


1. Baul Song 06 03:24
2. Beaming Consciousness - Far Star 04:15
3. Back and Forth: Brooding 03:12
4. Paris Beat Went ApeShit 03:12
5. Arab Dance - Sand Grains 03:21
6. The Steady Moody Joint 03:57
7. Illapu Goes Intergalactic 03:46

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