Monday, October 5, 2015

L'Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing... Instrumentals!

Departing from the familiar noir sound that L'Orange has developed, his collaboration with legendary MC Kool Keith breaks new ground into the surreal and futuristic. Creating lush and odd textures, L'Orange finds a new design in a hybrid sound of old time radio and 70s experimental music. With art from Lauren Cierzan, the instrumentals set the stage for a time traveling man, exploring the future when he's bored.

***Thanks to Mello Music Group for sending***


1. Time? Astonishing! Introduction (inst.) 01:41
2. The Traveler (inst.) (free) 02:52
3. The Green Ray (inst.) (free) 02:32
4. Twenty Fifty Three (inst.) (free) 03:09
5. Meanwhile, Back Home (inst.) (free) 01:48
6. The Wanderer (inst.) (free) 03:00
7. This New World (inst.) (free) 03:29
8. Dr. Bipolar (inst.) (free) 02:37
9. Suspended Animation (inst.) (free) 01:27
10. I Need Out Of This World (inst.) (free) 02:26
11. Upwards. To Space! (inst.) (free) 02:31
12. Days I Used To Know (inst.) 00:55
13. Sometimes I Feel (inst.) 02:43

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