Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Top 5: DJ Kefran

DJ Kefran, the producer from Paris, France that brought the world the talent Wonda Wendy and also has projects filled with sonic soundscapes that are always on point. The #fresh track he produced "Dreamer" by Wonda Wendy is preparing the masses for his upcoming projects in 2016...Check it out as DJ Kefran lets you in on his favorite 5 and more.  Shout to The Bridge Promotion for introducing me to this talented producer.

Your Favorite 5 Producers:

DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and I also like J.Cole in the new comers. There are so many others too mention ! But since there's a choice to malke ;)

Favorite Beat They Produced:

That's a hard pick right here ! There are so much tracks I like for each one of them ! But let's try this way : for Primo I would say "Group Home - Up against the wall (Getaway Car Remix)" with that cray hypnotic keyboard. For Pete Rock, with no hesitation, it's the "Respiration (Flying High Remix)" he produced for Black Star & Black Thought. This track is full of little details you can't hear at the first listen. I also like this track because it reminds me a friend of mine who passed away at that time (RIP). Concerning 9th Wonder, it is the "Not Here Anymore" joint by Phonte feat Elzhi. Simple, head banging, how I like it ! For Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, I would pick "Cherelle - Saturday Love", i'm in love with this joint since I'm a little boy, and yeah I was in love with Cherelle when I was a young boy ! haha. And for J.Cole, it's "Elle Varner - Only Wanna Give It To You", I like its little old school flavor, I often spin it live during parties.

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards?

For Primo, what I likes is that raw chopped sampled style. Great dynamics and dope rythm in the patterns. Simple loops you can listen for days ! Pete Rock really kills me with his bass line, and I really appreciate his jazzy style with an incredible sense of musicality. 9th Wonder is, in my opinion, in the same direction than Pete Rock, but his style and particular vision of the production process leads him to some points where he can flip a sample in a way I wouldnt imagine. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis really amaze me because of the longevity and the ability of going through the times, staying relevant and still souding good ! What I appreciate with J Cole is that he sounds great in brand new or more old schooled flavored joints (even if I prefer what he does for the others).

How have they influenced or inspired you?

I couldnt say exactly how they influcenced me, but it's sure they do. Even if I try to develop my own style, it's obvious we are all made of inspirations.

Which producer would you like to collabo with?

Definitely all of them ! And also some younger producers like UK's Disclosure for instance. Their electronic music is really good, and I really appreciated their "The London Sessions" album they did with Mary J Blige. And the mixes were incredible on it !

How did the concept for the track "Dreamer" with Wonda Wendy come about?

I had this beat for months, without any idea how to use it. Wendy, who is a friend of mine since 2005 when we first met around a collab track with my french rap crew "La Meute", came at the house one day, and I played it. I asked her if she would be down to create a song on it, she accepted ! Wendy is a great singer, and a professional. She works fast and good. No time to waste in the studio ! This track has been made in a natural way, and I think it's something you can feel when you listen to it.

What was the inspiration behind the "Dreamer" track?

My daughter. Definitely. I wanted to produce a flying and travelling joint, something she will be able to listen anytime she need to feel a positive vibe. Then inspiration came, and I produced it ;) By the way, my daughter is also in the music video ;)

Any final words or thoughts?

Thank you so much for showing interest in my work. I truly appreciate it. Much love.

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