Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Top 5: Odweeyne

If you like a producer that lives & breathes Hip Hop music then you will like the talented Paris, France producer Odweeyne, the producer behind the banging "Smile EP" featuring Toronto emcee Unknown Mizery . Enough talking... Check out Odweeyne's top 5 and more.

Your Favorite 5 Producers:

Many Producers have influenced me by their way of working are: The Bomb Squad, Lord Finesse, T-Ray, Easy Mo Bee, Buckwild, Da Beatminerz, DJ Muggs, Nick Wiz, Also in France, I've been influenced by DJ « Detonateur S » (Producer for French group NTM on the 2 first albums) and « Le Chimiste » (Producer for French group La Cliqua).

Favorite Beat They Produced:

-Lord Finesse / Funky On The Fast Tip (Original Version) 
-T-Ray / Lower Da Boom (Artifacts) & I Ain't Going Out Like That (Cypress Hill) 
-Easy Mo Bee / Gimmie That Loot (Notorious B.I.G.) 
-Madlib / Law of Physics (Lootpack) 
-Ray West / Black Keys, Red Piano 
-Buckwild / Lyrics (Remix) (Special Ed) 
-Da Beatminerz / 回帰線 (Rino) 
-DJ Muggs / Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill) 
-Nick Wiz / Somethin' To Listen To (Natutilus) 
-DJ Detonateur S / J'appuie sur la Gachette (NTM) 
-Le Chimiste / Toujours plus haut

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards?

What I like the most is definitely the way they build their drum patterns. The way they filtering, chopping and looping the samples too! To be 100% honest with, I always try to understand their tricks and re appropriate them to my own style.

How have they influenced or inspired you?

Absolutely. Especially the quality of their production. I mean the quality they put in every little part of each beat they produce. Each step of the beat maling process is incredible with these guys. Quality on every aspect. And i'm trying to apply the same work ethic in my own craft.

Which producer would you like to collabo with?

What I would like the most would be being in the studio with them, sharing ideas and tricks around production. You know, I'm not a fan of co produced records, but I do like talking with other producers that I respect. So obviously, I would love to spend some time with these living legends ! I'm always down to learn!!

What inspires you to create a music?

Digging, listen… Find the good sample, the good drums, breaks and the mood of the day or week is important in the process of creating a beat ! I produce beats that i would listen to. I don't make music thinking that people are going to love my work! The goal is to do what i love...this is what I think! 


How would you describe your music?

Honestly…I don’t know. People often say that my sounds are gritty and hypnotic ! I think it suits my work.

What are your thoughts regarding the use of samples in music?

The sample is the main élément of my work. It can’t be other way! My drums, my loops, my chops everything comes from my vinyls librairy. Always digging in the crates, always sampling. I have not problem with that. I’m not a musician in the classic meaning of this word, but being able to build new creations with older ones, in some way it's also being a musician aint it?

What are your thoughts on France's contribution to Hip Hop's global influence?

There have been very good times for Hip Hop in France. Today, except a few artists, the french Hip Hop is a reflection of french society… not very glorious! That just my opinion ! As Dirty Harry used to say : « Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one! » So here is mine!

How did the concept for the upcoming EP "Smile"come about?

Simply. I contacted Unknown Mizery for to know if he wanted to make a collab for a track. I send it some beats, he said he had written 7 songs about a drama of one of his friends. Then we worked together. The chemistry was pretty dope so we decided to release a whole EP.

Any final words or thoughts?

Really thank you for your interest of my work. I hope that my future work will be appreciated by the people. Don't forget to peep my releases on and all my beats on! Peace

Latest Project:

The Bridge Promotion sends the brand new EP by french producer Odweeyne : "SMILE EP"...100% produced by Odweeyne...All raps by Unknown Mizery (Toronto, Canada).


1. A 1-Building Pyramids 03:02
2. A 2- Sticky Bomb 03:19
3. A 3-Smiling At The Rain 01:57
4. A 4- Golden Feet 02:16
5. A 5- They Ain't Saying Shit 02:22
6. A 6- Royal Flush 02:57
7. A 7- Let Me Breathe 02:36
8. B 1- Building Pyramids (instru) 03:02
9. B 2- Sticky Bomb (instru) 03:19
10. B 3- Smiling At The Rain (instru) 01:57
11. B 4- Golden Feet (instru) 02:16
12. B 5- They Ain't Saying Shit (instru) 02:22
13. B 6- Royal Flush (instru) 02:57
14. B 7- Let Me Breathe (instru) 02:36

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