Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slot-A - 1404 Beat Tape

Slot-A, unearths, 1404 Beat Tape. Created on an MPC 1000, SP 404 & recorded to 4-Track Cassette recorder. All of the beats that are on this project were are recorded directly to 4-Track cassette tape. 1404 is released as a special thank you everyone who's contributed to 30K streams that was hit on Soundcloud.  Stream & Download below!!!

***Thanks to Color By Numbers for sending***

Nick Wiz - Unreleased 90's Hip Hop Instrumentals

Media Famous sends Unreleased 90's Hip Hop Instrumentals by Nick Wiz. These instrumentals are now being exclusively sold online and to date, the album has garnered positive attention. If you're a true Hip Hop fan and have not bought the album yet, you're truly missing out. Stream the instrumentals below!!!


1. Darkside 03:11
2. Dizzy Brass 04:01
3. Hermano 03:35
4. Hey Man 03:36
5. Check It Out 03:18
6. Smackdown 03:35
7. Xylophone 04:07
8. Step Up 03:53
9. Subterranean 03:22
10. Ride Out 04:05

L'indecis - Celeste

Cult Classic Records sends the 5 track EP titled: Celeste by French producer L'indecis.

Nolan The Ninja - dungeon.

After releasing collabs w. Guilty Simpson & Red Pill over the past couple of months...Detroit-resident Nolan The Ninja releases more new music! This time around, the 23-year old emcee & producer releases an instrumental titled, "dungeon."...The track serves as a cut from Nolan's new beat tape w. Producers I Know that's set to drop on 5/20 titled, 'lo-fi l∞ps.'!  Stream the track below!!!

***Thanks to Nolan The Ninja for sending***

Cotton Claw - SUNSET GLOW

CannonBall PR sends the new track from Cotton Claw entitled "Sunset Glow".

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Millennium Jazz Music Presents Lady Day: 100 years of Billie Holiday

Millennium Jazz Music just released Lady Day - 100 years of Billie Holiday by Various Artists. The 'Lady Day' tribute contains music made up of Billie Holiday cover songs and instrumentals that sample tracks from Holiday's discography. Styles range from Dusty, Boom Bap, Jazz Ballad, Electronic, Trip Hop, Jazzhop and Experimental.


1. Vinkate - Stormy Lady 04:31
2. Pawcut - Negotiation 02:01
3. SmokedBeat & Lizzy Parks - Lover Man 02:54
4. Dusty Ohms & SupaSaiyan - Billin' Holidaze 02:25
5. Gadget & Dawn McKenzie - Waterfront 04:07
6. Bare Beats & Stray Dog - Don't Explain 03:47
7. Mr. Moods & The Ice Fox - I Spend My Days 04:29
8. Bones The Beat Head - Glory Days 02:23
9. Lucy Lune Gillespie & Pappa, - Mind & Soul 04:01
10. Pawcut - Arrival 01:22
11. Mr Moods & Vinkate - Billie Bounce 04:36

The OriGinALz - Intravenous

West Coast bass duo The OriGinALz are starting spring off with a bang with their brand new album, "Intravenous". The 11-track album features more remixes and collaborations than ever before, showcasing the northern California duo’s solid evolution of sound since their last release. Created using entirely original samples, the album already been recognized and supported in the form of remixes by Bleep  Bloop, LabRat, Stylust Beats, Perkulat0r and more.  Stream & Download below!!!

***Thanks to Gravitas Music for sending***


1. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection 03:38
2. Deep Within 03:07
3. Hidden Treasures 03:00
4. Star Seed 03:17
5. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz 04:00
6. Intravenous 03:36
7. Purple Unicorn 03:31
8. Intravenous (LabRat Remix) 04:07
9. By Neptune ft. The Digital Connection (Bleep Bloop Remix) 03:17
10. West Side Comin' Thru ft. Knight Riderz (Stylust Beats Remix) 03:33
11. Purple Unicorn (Perkulat0r Remix) 03:09

Kanibeat - Youth

Cult Classic Records head back to Russia, Siberia in fact to team up with 18 year old Producer Kanibeat for his debut release entitled "Youth". The 10 track album features Thomas Prime and touches on Hip Hop, Jazz, Trip Hop and Downtempo vibes.

***Thanks to Cult Classic Records for sending***


1. Do Not Wake Me Up 03:20
2. Cold (ft. Thomas Prime) 03:53
3. Brooklyn 03:06
4. Tonight 02:43
5. Heart 02:45
6. Love (Interlude) 00:28
7. Warm 03:12
8. Always 04:03
9. Shine 03:08
10. Shade 02:31

Space Jesus & Esseks - Dopplebangers

Gravitas Music sends the project "Dopplebangers" by Space Jesus & Esseks, featuring four eccentric originals plus four remixes from Freddy Todd, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Yheti, and Jade Cicada.  Stream the project below!!!


1. Mannequin Skywalker 03:59
2. Don' Bite Me 03:56
3. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S* 03:49 
4. Dream Whirled 04:51
5. Mannequin Skywalker (Freddy Todd Remix) 03:44
6. Don' Bite Me (Jade Cicada Remix) 03:59
7. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S* (Yheti Remix) 02:55
8. Dream Whirled (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix) 04:20