Friday, May 15, 2015

Video: Nolan The Ninja - elation.

After collabs w. Guilty Simpson & Red Pill as well as a couple of loosies from a forthcoming beat tape...Detroit emcee-producer, Nolan The Ninja returns with a brand new set of visuals; "elation."! The clip represents a track off of the 23-year old's beat tape, 'lo-fi l∞ps', which is set to drop on 5/20...

***Thanks to Nolan the Ninja for sending***

Blended Babies - 1 (Instrumental EP)

"1" is the first installment in a set of forthcoming instrumental EP’s from Blended Babies; a new EP will be released each month until the end of the year. The entire set is already finished, but songs may be added here or there as they are created. Stream the EP below!!!

***Thanks to MAC Media for sending***

Jakk Wonders - Sample Til Infinity

South African hip-hop producer Jakk Wonders sends his first instrumental project 'Sample Til Infinity'. The gritty, free 10 track tape serves as taste of what the Johannesburg beatmaker has to offer. The beatsmith has future tracks and projects lined up with the likes of Skyzoo, Rapper Pig Pooh and AWKWORD to name a few.  Stream & Download below!!!

Small Professor: Mixed Jawns III

With no end in sight, Small Professor's 'Jawns' series of unofficial beat albums continues with the latest installment, "Mixed Jawns III". #ListenToMoreJazz? More like #SampleMoreJazz...SP pays homage to the sound that fueled a golden era here, with a twist; there are also references to the neo-trap sound of the current era, which at times, makes for a challenging, yet rewarding listen. And also, what would a Small Professor album be without song titles that are nonsense if you don't do your googles? 2015 marks 10 years of Small Professor music; MJIII serves notice that he is just getting started.

***Thanks to Small Professor for sending***


1. Hey! (stop biting zilla rocca (stop it)) 03:07
2. Only built 4 stuck in the 90's...II 02:06
3. Phat passed on this beat, i made it to a jam 01:55
4. Let the instrumental assemble, a$$hat 02:40
5. That's how you bring it 02:03
6. Cancer and my name is jamil, haan 01:59
7. A pimp called (film) 01:52
8. Nigga, i don't sleep 02:01
9. I'm the real small god, boy 02:16
10. Young enough to rap along to songs about selling drugs... 03:10
11. Hand me a 7 minute long jazz song and i'll defeat foes 01:41
12. Think i made a wrong turn back there somewhere 02:01
13. Endless loops cause reflection (wrist x 7) 02:27
14. Fake '08 blu jawn 02:31
15. Blowticious (what does it mean) 04:20
16. Wish men would stop harrassing women on the street (free) 03:12
17. Wish cops would stop killing unarmed black people (free) 02:45

D. Sharp - Turn Me Up (Instrumental EP)

D. Sharp sends his Instrumental EP enttitled "Turn Me Up". Stream & Download below!!!

Samurai Guru - Glitch

Cult Classic Records sends the first release of the month by LA producer Samurai Guru with his debut CCR release 'Glitch'. 'Glitch' is a euphoric ride through the last year of Samurai Guru's life. Imprinting the exciting and depressing moments he has faced. Intertwining the Boom Bap and Trip Hop realm infusing the both together. This is Samurais Sophomore release after his Freshman release Distant Cosmos. This beat tape is experimental, nostalgic and full of changes.  Stream & Download below!!!


1. Far Away (Intro) 00:38
2. Daydreamer 03:11
3. DXADX@ 01:44
4. Blissful 01:54
5. Lovely (Interlude) 00:55
6. Self 03:54
7. Stroll In The Park 02:24
8. The Moment 02:22
9. Too Long (Outro) 01:32


'GonnneAndOn' is the first single from the upcoming FlamesYall project 'TheSertralineSessions'. Originally created in 2008, Flames has revisited and updated this beat to reflect his emotions through that time.  Stream the beat below!!!

Radu- A Tribute to Badu

Very simply, this compilation was curated solely for the purpose of paying tribute to one legend, Erykah Badu. Through the sound of producers of all over the world, we created "Radu", which will be comprised of sounds ranging from raw hiphop, to soul, to the spacey distances of experimental. More than just remixes, this project is our interpretation of her voice.  Stream & Download below!!!

***Thanks to madweight RECORDS for sending***


1. Smear One & Slew - On High 03:05
2. Nextwon - Now What 06:24
3. Ben Bada Boom - Indo Seat 03:10
4. KnhBtz - Trust Me 02:11
5. YMSEY - Slowja 03:26
6. Prozak Morris - Somewhere 06:11
7. B3NBi - And On 03:53
8. MA Beats - Tiime 02:08
9. YMSEY - Whatchya 07:09
10. B.O.A.T.S. - See Ya 07:50

Monday, May 4, 2015

Video: Pete Rock - Cosmic Slop

Today, we get a rare glimpse into the world of Pete Rock in his new video for the song Cosmic Slop. The new album "Petestrumentals 2", out June 23rd on Mello Music Group.

***Thanks to Mello Music Group for sending*** 

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