Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey

To celebrate the many phenomenal instrumentals that have landed on our projects over the years, we're pleased to release our first instrumental compilation, Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey.

The 14 tracks featured capture the brilliance of several of the producers we've worked with in recent years. These include numerous living legends who have carved out a massive niche in the game, including the likes of Nottz, Ayatollah, M-Phazes, and Khrysis. Also featured are the underground stalwarts like DJ Concept, Max I Million, J57, Small Professor, and Thelonious Martin, all of whom are cementing their place in the Hip-Hop world.


Source: Coalmine Records

Therman Munsin & Roc Marciano - Sabbath (Instrumental Album)

After Therman Munsin debut album "Sabbath" dropped earlier this year, all produced by super Emcee/Producer Roc Marciano. Hardtimes Records & Therman Munsin decided it was time for the Instrumental album to drop for the classic instrumental Hip Hop beat heads out there.

Source: Hardtimes Records

araabMUZIK - One of One

araabMUZIK releases his new EP One of One which he states “is the gateway to the next level of my career”. Along with his new EP, araab also announced that he is the brand ambassador for License Lounge; an interactive and multi-genre beat purchasing platform where you can buy beats from araab and other distinguished producers; including Young Guru, Red Spyda, Carlos Broady, Da Beatminerz, Scram Jones, Dame Grease and more.

Source: MAC Media

gsARCADE - MEGA MAN sends the instrumental "MEGA MAN" by gsARCADE.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Robert Redeye - ReMiXeS & InStRuMeNtAlS

Robert Redeye sends this compilation of Remixes & Instrumentals featuring various artists such as The Late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Elzhi, Kool G Rap, Nas and Jay Z. It is also an ode to all of my Forefathers and influences such as Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, J Dilla, Dr. Dre and his fellow SAMG members.


01. KeEp iT ThOrO ReDeYe ReMiX 02:51
02. InStRuMeNtAl 1 02:26
03. InStRuMeNtAl 2 02:50
04. InStRuMeNtAl 3 02:17
05. It'S MiNe ReDeYe ReMiX 05:11
06. InStRuMeNtal 4 02:41
07. InStRuMeNtAl 5 03:00
08. InStRuMeNtAl 6 02:19
09. DeEp(V1.0) ReDeYe ReMiX 02:55
10. InStRuMeNtAl 7 02:22
11. InStRuMeNtAl 8 02:12
12. InStRuMeNtAl 9 01:59
13. FaSt LiFe ReDeYe ReMiX 02:24
14. InStRuMeNtAl 10 02:03
15. InStRuMeNtAl 11 02:59
16. InStRuMeNtAl 12 02:13
17. InTeRlUdE ReDeYe ReMiX 02:38
18. InStRuMeNtAl 13 02:19
19. InStRuMeNtAl 14 01:04
20. InStRuMeNtAl 15 03:32
21. DeEp(V.2) ReDeYe ReMiX 02:59
22. InStRuMeNtAl 16 01:19
23. InStRuMeNtAl 17 03:23
24. InStRuMeNtAl 18 03:03
25. RoB ReD SaMg OuTrO 00:05

The Lion Ranger - Roar Beats

Millennium Jazz Music sends the debut project from The Lion Ranger entitled "Roar Beats".


01. Machine Minds & Machine Hearts (Entrance) 01:46
02. No Answer 02:21
03. I know You, Leo 01:48
04. Doom Bapa 02:26
05. Jackie and Heidi 02:41
06. Wrong Swan Song 03:40
07. Mason's Beat 02:59
08. Four Flusher 03:24
09. Morrison Skit 01:51
10. Slack Beat 02:53
11. Dark Arts 03:08
12. Your Own Luck 02:08
13. Withered Keys 06:24
14. Not So Invincible 04:39

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: September 2017

Last week the end of September came to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is "The Top 10 of September 2017". The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list.  

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: September 2017

01.  Millennium Jazz Music - Made In Germany: OTR Vol. 2
02.  Jonny Mo - Universal Language Vol. 1
03.  Kane - Dreams
04.  Maple St. Records - Maple St. Beat Tape No. 1
05.  Anzola - Anzola
06.  SVNTY6 - NiteMusic
07.  Funky DL - Soho Incognito / The Glimmer of Nightfall
08.  grit - Grit-Fu
09.  Lee TNB aka Monkey Mind - Deep Space Nine
10.  Sudan Archives - Water (Video)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Video: Sudan Archives - Water

After her breakout self-titled EP release earlier this summer on Stones Throw, Sudan Archives is back with a dreamy, instrumental new single, Water. Here's the visual for the single.



Source: Stones Throw

Lee TNB AKA Monkey Mind - Deep Space Nine

'Deep Space Nine' is a collection of tracks inspired by ideas of the spiritual, outer and inner space, the subconscious and where these points perhaps meet, it also mixes ambient and electronic 'post hip hop' beats with some jazz and prog influences.  Stream below!!!


1. Interfearance (Interlude) (free) 01:38
2. Wet Machine 01:46
3. Smells Like Fun (Deep Space Nine Mix) 02:07
4. Blackbird (Interlude) (Deep Space Nine Mix) 01:25
5. Boiling Point 02:19
6. Malik, Martin 05:10
7. Lights over Phoenix 03:31
8. Last Transmission (Deep Space Nine Mix) 02:54
9. Dream Factory (Deep Space Nine Mix) 01:52

Source: Lee TNB AKA Monkey Mind