Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Terem - Somewhere

ILLECT Recordings welcomes hip-hop producer Terem to the team. He recently produced the James Gardin "Promise Land" single and has many other collaborations on deck. "Somewhere" leans heavily on that boom bap sound. Hard drums combined golden era styled sampling lend itself to a true head nodder.   Stream the instrumental below!!!

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DJ Agent M - Date Night

Date Night is dedicated to all the beat makers and producers, who have a love affair with their gear. DJ Agent M talks about his journey as a producer and also talks to his peers about relationships and their passions. Stream & Download below!!!

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1. Physical Touch 02:47
2. Iron Sharpens Iron 02:08
3. Buying Gear 02:26
4. I Love You More (She Understands) 01:15
5. Acts Of Kindness 02:08
6. Selling Gear (Just You Wait) 02:50
7. Quality Time 01:14
8. Date Night 04:31
9. Affirmation (Love So Good) 01:18
10. Thank You (Gifts) 02:24

News: Maple Syrup - Vacation (Pre​-​Order Vinyl 2017)

It must have been early 2016 when one our members introduced us to a young Russian beat maker who was very keen to join our little family and release his debut album that he was currently working on. After hearing the demo and having a few productive conversations it was a no brainer that this album, and more so it's creator would make a nice new addition to the family. So in October of 2016 'Maple Syrup' had his concept album and debut project Vacation released on Millennium Jazz Music via digital and cassette tape.

Since it's release the album has sold out of the cassettes and continues to find new listeners and supporters who have asked for it to be pressed on 12" vinyl. We would love to do that for you all, and of course make it a dream come true for young Maple Syrup to have his first appearance on a record. The thing is where so many have supported the album already have we missed the boat, so to speak?? ..no pun intended!

So it's like this... this campaign serves as a simple pre-order for those who really want a hard copy of the album, at the same time we'll be bringing more copies of Maple Syrup's Vacation LP into the physical world but this time with a limited run of records and making it a great start to the year for him and his music.

The pre-order will be £16 which covers the record for £12 and £4 for shipping for everybody (we'll pay the rest for EU and Worldwide). All funds collected will go on the production of the album, a re-master for it to be prepared and sent to the pressing plant, and for shipping costs once it's ready. We already have the artwork and labels being edited for the record sleeve and labels as we speak. Now let's see if the album was meant to be on a 12" afterall...

Thanks for your time!! MJM


"Thanks to everybody who supported and were involved in the process of making this album. Special thanks to Gadget and Bones The Beat Head, you guys made this LP possible! Much love to all the homies who have listened to my previous tracks and encouraged me to make more, and props to the whole MJM family". - Maple Syrup

"Maple Syrup's Vacation LP on Vinyl" - VIEW CAMPAIGN

Video: Midnight Espresso's Random Samples #1 - My Funny Valentine

Midnight Espresso sends the Valentine's Day special of Random Samples.

Here you can listen to and download the beats: Random Samples EP #1

Video: Rhythm Roulette: Gensu Dean

Gensu Dean hits NYC and visits Good Records blindfolded to pick 5 records, then he heads over to DITC Studios and proceeds to make a beat. A Mass Appeal original!

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JAKSPIN - Beats From The Attic

Check out what JAKSPIN did in the last few months. There was an old rusty Fender Rhodes piano, a few synthesizers, a couple of vintage analog effects and a bass guitar. Combine that with the strange mind of JAKSPIN and you get BEATS FROM THE ATTIC, a collection of swingful, dirty beats with a funky twist and lots of jazzy space age synthesizer lines.

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Video: Walkz - Young M.A Type Beat | 808s & Samples EP1

In the first episode of the new beat making video series '808s & Samples'.

Walkz makes a Young M.A Type Beat.

***Thanks to Walkz for sending***

Get This Beat Here: https://www.myflashstore.net/share/Pr...

Free Beats: http://bit.ly/1Xm4nlx

Daryl Donald - Solitude

Edinburgh, Scotland's Daryl Donald sends his debut instrumental LP ‘Solitude’.


1. Odessa 01:57
2. Draped 02:42
3. Tender 02:29
4. Effigy 01:53
5. Smoke Signals 02:42
6. Flow (Interlude) 00:52
7. Home 01:33
8. Still Life 02:31
9. Crown 02:07
10. Follow Your Bliss (Interlude) 01:19
11. Night Games 03:10
12. After Malevich 02:53
13. 1000 Faces 01:50
14. Nothing 02:47
15. Solitude 02:43

The Jazz Jousters - Locations: USA

Welcome to season five of the Jazz Jousters sessions. MJM would like to present Locations: USA. In this session we hear the result of each Jouster as they each chose one or more Jazz musicians from the United States and began to work with that sound and come up with an instrumental in their own style, just like in season four. However there was a twist, this time they were challenged to focus on Jazz between the years of 1960 to 1969. See what you think of the outcome...


1. Devaloop - Portraits
2. Gadget - Bubblicious
3. B-Side - Mindset
4. SmokedBeat - ArtMerica
5. Charlie Mac - Omens
6. Slone - Let's Get Free
7. Pawcut - One 4 Sylvia
8. Bones The Beat Head - Vanity
9. Says Who? - Switch
10. Es-K - In Peace
11. Locations: USA Teaser mix - Pre-order Vinyl + Cassette Now! 06:25