Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ohno da French - It's Great To Be Alive!

Ohno da French drops his latest project "It's Great To Be Alive!", his first release on Krakenlab Records.  Stream the release below!!!

Das Label mit dem Hund - Dogztrumentals Vol​.​4

Here's "Dogztrumentals Vol. 4" by Das Label mit dem Hund with DerRalle(2ZimmerGef├╝ge), Schmiddunsk, Thelonious Coltrane, Tito T., LitmanOne, Turkish Soulcat, Schlick Rick, johnEkwest and more.  Stream the beat tape below!!!


1. DerRalle - Je suis asozial 02:18
2. DerRalle - Scheidenbegucker 02:30
3. Sterilone - Druged Solutions 03:54
4. Sterilone - Wanna Know 02:57
5. Turkish Soulcat - Sign Of The Ages 02:23
6. Turkish Soulcat - All About The Bitchez 02:32
7. Schlick Rick - Prelove 02:55
8. Schlick Rick - Dragonfly 04:17
9. Patz Beats - For Ma Dawgs 04:17
10. Patz Beats - Rio 02:29
11. Tito Tentaculo - Just Wonna Have It 01:45
12. Tito Tentaculo - Fallout Girl 01:28
13. johnEkwest - Sonnenuntergang 02:28
14. johnEkwest - Bitter 02:05
15. LitmanOne - Midnight Crossroad 02:36
16. LitmanOne - Sunday Morning 02:27
17. Schmiddunsk - Round Midnight 03:00
18. Schmiddunsk - Reality 03:26
19. Thelonious Coltrane - Tape Deck 02:32
20. Thelonious Coltrane - For The History 02:25

Source: LitmanOne

DJ Cannon Banyon - Stranger Instrumentals

DJ Canyon Banyon sends his latest release "Stranger Instrumentals". Stream & Download below!!!

Magical Mystery Mix - 70's Japanese Jazz Mix (Rare Groove, Jazz-Funk, Hard Bop, Modal, Fusion, Breaks)

Here's a Mix that includes different Jazz genres taken together, Hard Bop, Jazz-Funk, B-boy Breaks, Original Samples (used by GZA, RZA from Wu-Tang, Mac Demarco etc.)...Featuring tracks from artists such as Sunao Wada, Terumasa Hino, Shigeo Sekito and more.

Source: Magical Mystery Mix

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Marvillous Beats - Classical Hustle sends the instrumental album "Classical Hustle" by New Rochelle native / Silver Spring, MD based artist Marvillous Beats.  Stream the album below!!!

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Enter Monica - Meat the Beat (Split Tape)

Enter Monica from Leicester in England sends the their beat tape "Meat the Beat (Split Tape)". Fresh beats from MonL and live jam from Entomologist.  Stream & Download below!!!


1. MonL - Coming Down (Intro) 00:47
2. MonL - Survival 01:45
3. MonL - Embrace Melancholy 02:02
4. MonL - Higher/Lower 00:50
5. MonL - Gems 01:09
6. MonL - I Want You 01:29
7. MonL - Don't Know 01:33
8. Entomologist - 19 & 23 09:21

Nate Al Beats - Deep Cuts Vol. 1

Nate Al Beats, a Brooklyn based underground hip hop producer sends his EP entitled Deep Cuts Vol. 1. It is a 6 song project produced, mixed, and mastered by Nate himself. It is underground hip hop with a Golden Age NYC influence, but a dark and modern sound.

Yung Mulatto - Beat Tap3

21 year old producer from the Pittsburgh, PA, Yung Mulatto is back, painting vivid soundscapes with lush instrumentals with BEAT TAP3! 5 Tracks, each representing a color of the rainbow is represented in the hand drawn cover art.  Stream the below!!!

Source: Yung Mulatto

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: October 2017

Last week the end of October came to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is "The Top 10 of Ocotber 2017". The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list.

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: October 2017

01.  MJM x MMA - Goosebumps - Children of the Night
02.  The Lion Ranger - Roar Beats
03.  Robert Redeye - ReMixeS & InStRuMeNtAlS
04.  Therman Munsin & Roc Marciano - Sabbath (Instrumental Album)
05.  gsARCADE - Mega Man
06.  araabMUZIK - One of One
07.  Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey
08.  Onid Beats - Presents The Halloween Special
09.  Sudan Archives - Water (Video)
10.  Funky DL - Soho Incognito / The Glimmer of Nightfall (Video)