Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lee TNB aka Monkey Mind - Wet Machine

Lee TNB aka Monkey Mind sends his beat "Wet Machine", a slow and low robo-funk with sleazy guitar licks and a chopped and screwed-style finish.  Stream below!!!

Mitchell Goosen - Milk and Cookies

Deer Park, NY producer Mitchell Goosen sends his sample based chill hip-hop instrumental "Milk and Cookies".  Stream the instrumental below!!!

Gnoom - Angel

Gnoom sends his tape "Angel". Stream the tape below!!!


01. 0:00 Angel
02. 2:24 Paradis
03. 5.28 Roma
04. 8.22 Koan
05. 10.52 Fulside
06. 14.16 Red Buddha
07. 17.14 Coxhill
08. 19.28 Kaush

Maja7th - Random Beats EP

Indianapolis based producer Maja7th drops his EP "Random Beats".  Dropping on No Cosign Records as a stream-only project.  Stream the EP below!!!

***Thanks to iStillLoveHER for sending***


1. DJ Macmane's XBOX 02:43
2. Old 2 New 02:32
3. End of Summer 03:15
4. ILL's Organs 02:32
5. Thank You DJ Battle Cat 02:30
6. Thank You DJ Quik 03:02
7. Thank You J Dilla and Pete Rock 03:32
8. So High 02:57
9. Wavey 02:49

Imperial - Hiatus

On the heels of 2016's collaborative effort, Adventures In Technicolour, with emcee K.I.N.E.T.I.K., Imperial is back with a soulful hip-hop instrumental titled "Hiatus".

***Thanks to ILLECT Recordings for sending***

Matthew Duncan - The Way

Matthew Duncan sends his beat entitled "The Way".  Stream the beat below!!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Gimmie That Beat: The Best Of 2016

Last week the year 2016 came to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is "The Best Of 2016". The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list and feel free to leave a comment!!!

Gimmie That Beat: The Best Of 2016
01.  DJ Proof - The Birth Tape
02.  Mel Beats - Black Horses & Cassette Tapes
03.  Millennium Jazz Music - Project Canada: OTR Vol. 1
04.  Millennium Jazz Music x Gimmie That Beat - The Big Payback Vol. 1: Down Payment
05.  The Jazz Jousters - Endurance
06.  Millennium Jazz Music - The Solar Panel
07.  Gadget - The Jazz Jousters Season Two
08.  LuvJonez - High Top Fade
09.  Rolled Gold - Triple Truth, Vol. 1
10.  Mr. B Presents Crates Vol. 2
11.  J.O. D. - Colors
12.  Ryan Stone - Aquamarine EP

Video: Nolan The Ninja - mont.

After releasing the first set of visuals for "jai.", the first leak from his new forthcoming beat tape 'lo-fi flips.'...Nolan The Ninja kicks off the new year with a new set of visuals for the second leak; "mont."!  In the clip, you'll hear & see the Detroit emcee + producer pay tribute to Big L through usage of his vocals & rare classic clips...dir. by Nolan The Ninja / edited by RTS

***Thanks to Nolan The Ninja for sending***

Freaky Frankenstein - Hopvant Garde

Freaky Frankenstein sends his beat tape entitled "Hopvant Garde". The Tape blends Experimental, Vintage Sounds and Hip-Hop.  Stream & Download below!!!


1. Frankenstein Complex 01:03
2. The Afterglo 03:21
3. Tenth Born Children 03:04
4. Stay Tuned 01:33
5. Right Foot Sea, 02:37
6. Left Foot Sand. 01:37
7. Thoughts, Transposed 01:19
8. Woods, pm 02:20
9. Christian Laettner 01:46
10. Stay Tuned (prod by Freaky Frankenstein & Doc Marzy) 01:44
11. Bright (of the TunnelLight) 03:53