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Video: Acid Drop - Graphic Novel by Daniel Isles (Kickstarter)

The beautifully showcased Graphic Novel called Acid Drop by Daniel Isles , is a dark & gritty thriller that will take you on a journey like no other...Check out the Kickstarter page for more information HERE ***Thanks to Myke Forte for sending***

Kahlil Brandon - Cohiba Daze (Beat Tape)

Kahlil Brandon sends his debut beat tape “Cohiba Daze.” Featuring the theme of a summer day in Havana, Cohiba Daze is the perfect soundtrack for summer. Tracklist 1. Shinin' 2. Onda 3. Dreams 4. Long Live 5. Representin' 6. Loungin' 7. Cheatin' 8. Didn't I 9. Float 10. Ride 11. Forever 12. Sooner or Later 13. Fin STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Video: Eazy - Bright Life

  Tree Machine Records sends the visual "Bright Life" by Eazy . From the project Dance Floor Secrets :

Pragmatic Theory - Elevated Patterns

Pragmatic Theory in conjunction with the underground music blog Rhythm22 sends Elevated Patterns which is a nostalgic r&b production taking talent that supercedes the boundaries of the genre making each track individual to their own featuring tracks from : Amin Payne , Khryo , Snubluck , Warren Xclnce , RU , Dailon , Eets , Youtaro'Nusro' , Fwdslxsh, Blap Deli , Ben Bada Boom , Nextwon , Kailo , Klim Beats , JuSoul , Floyd , .Phase , Uncle EL , MOTD , Artonius , Languid , DJ Sapien , Sauce , Wood Ox , Afryx_Q and JBird . Tracklist 1. Erykah Badu - Honey (Amin Payne Remix) 03:53 2. Khryo - Fctr (Lauryn Hill Rework) 02:54 3. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (Snubluck's Stanley Kubrick Remix) 03:06 4. Warren Xclnce - Sexuelle 03:41 5. Aaliyah - Age Aint Nothin (Ru Remix) 04:24 6. Dailon - Auras 03:03 7. Eets - Tha 907 01:31 8. Youtaro'Nusro' - Christina 02:27 9. Alicia Keys Remix - Unthinkable (Fwdslxsh Remix) 03:32 10. Bläp


East Point, GA native Yamin , formerly known as DJ AmDex , presents the instrumental version of his new album Yamin , available free on his Bandcamp page. Yamin produces all but two songs on the album, which are handled by fellow Atlanta producer Illastrate . ***Thanks to Dunn Deal Promotions for sending*** Tracklist 1. Hello Again (instrumental) 02:28 2. Yamin (instrumental) 03:21 3. Are You Sure? (instrumental) 03:18 4. So Much (instrumental) 03:53 5. Try Too Hard (instrumental) 03:52 6. Never Leave (instrumental) 03:21 7. Work In Progress (instrumental) 04:13 8. Co Star (instrumental) 03:25 9. More Than Kings (instrumental) 04:31 10. Gone Today, Here Tomorrow (instrumental) 03:22 11. Life In Your Day (instrumental) STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Keno Beats - Hard Work Pays Off (Editorial)

  When the times are hard, when the doubt is in my head, when the vision of my way to success is not that clear, I remember that : hard work pays off.  When the inspiration is blocked by daily life troubles, when the bills knock my head down , I remember that : someone is always listening, somewhere (these are the precise words that my blog partner J Rizzle from wrote to me by email few weeks ago). This sincere post is dedicated to all my indy artist and all my bloggers and all my true hiphop heads all around the planet : never give up, never stop, this movement is our movement , we make it alive with every new track, new collaboration, new album review, new comment, new email sent.  Special shout out to my jersey fam DeeRok, owner of the dope blog  TheHipHopHead.Net  : he put me in his top 5 producers with living legends like Statik or Apollo Brown . Check the blog post right here :

Video: Jake One - Behind The Beat (Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - French Inhale) .

Another exclusive behind the beat video from Jake One . This time Jake One breaks down an exclusive behind the beat look @ Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa 's - French Inhale . ***Thanks to The Drum Broker for sending***

Kahlil Brandon - Didn't I

San Deigo, CA Poducer Kahlil Brandon  sends his new instrumental "Didn't I" off of his debut beat tape "Cohiba Daze" (set to drop July 21st ).  Hit the link below!!! STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Funkkid - The Jazzie McNelson Project

Funkkid presents The Jazzie McNelson Project .  Hit the link below and enjoy!!! Source: Funkkid Music Tracklist 1. The Meeting 03:39 2. The Dating 04:16 3. The Proposal 05:12 4. The Wedding 04:29 5. The Love Making(Jazzie Ride) STREAM/DOWNLOAD 

Slim the Chemist - Silence EP

"Silence EP" is Düsseldorf/Germany producer Slim the Chemist first release with Roots of Society Records . This is a 12 track jazzy hip-hop instrumental EP. Source: Roots of Society Tracklist 1. Where I'm From 02:42 2. Silence 03:41 3. Halmstad (Part I & II) 02:34 4. Slim's Slum 02:55 5. Walk On The Moon 02:28 6. LaRana 03:45 7. Represent 02:35 8. Tired 03:31 9. Misty 02:43 10. Kick A Rhyme 02:26 11. Antique Black 03:21 12. Good Times 03:49 STREAM DOWNLOAD

The Jazz Jousters - Upholding Laws

Here's the Jazz Jousters project, Upholding Laws , featuring the great works of Hubert Laws , who is known for excelling in various genres with amazing performances on the Flute and other instruments. With over forty years in the music industry, Laws’s archive is so vast that we narrowed it down to only working with his Jazz flute compositions. All entrants generated their own flair on a Hubert Laws track of their choosing, which resulted in contributions from Rick Mal , Bones The Beat Head , Es-K , Gadget , SmokedBeat , Stay Classy , B 3 N B i , Mr. Moods , and vocal appearances via Es-K featuring Prah , and Gadget featuring Awakening Dawn .  Grab it at the link below!!! Source: Millennium Jazz Tracklist 1. Hubert Laws - Upholding Laws intro 00:32 2. Es-K - Coolin' In July 02:06 3. Mr. Moods - The Laws of Gravity 03:45 4. B3NBi - Family 02:26 5. Bones The Beat Head - Pacaya 03:13 6. Gadget ft Awakening Dawn - Back To The Friendship 04:01 7. SmokedBeat - Abo

14KT - Nickel & Dimed (Audio Trailer)

14KT is preparing his new instrumental album " Nickel & Dimed " for an August 27th release, but before we get there, 14KT decided to showcase his DJ skills with an exclusive audio trailer previewing his new record.  Hit the link below and enjoy!!! ***Thanks to Mello Music Group for sending*** STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Minnesota - Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix)

California based producer Minnesota , well known for his melodic, uplifting sound, is celebrating the success of his recent "Eternal Frequencies: Equinox" EP with a series of remixes from his good friends. Up to bat first is heavy hitter Psymbionic , who gives the original a facelift with a reworked bassline and more dancefloor friendly "glitch hop" vibe. ***Thanks to 40 Hz Media for sending*** STREAM/DOWNLOAD

The OriGinALz - Get Lucid

'Get Lucid' is the first LP from West Coast bass music producers The OriGinALz , released July 16th on Gravitas Recordings .  With 8 original tracks, The OriGinALz took an abstract approach to each song and allowed the music to come as it may, rather than a following a set pattern or template.  The LP features remixes by LabRat and FiLiBuStA .  ***Thanks to 40 Hz Media for sending*** Tracklist 1. Entheogen 03:22 2. Just Feelings 03:32 3. City Skylights 04:00 4. Get Lucid 03:38 5. Descending Ascendance 03:18 6. Cheez Wiz n' Crackers 04:11 7. Abnormal Existence 04:06 8. Morning Blossoms 03:05 9. Get Lucid (FiLiBuStA Remix) 03:30 10. Get Lucid (LabRat Remix) 05:38 STREAM/DOWNLOAD 

CrackZilla - YellaFingizZillaJamz Vol. 5

CrackZilla sends his project YellaFingizZillaJamz Vol. 5 , which  is a collection of some of his favorite beats he has made in the past 6 months.  It's an eclectic mix of music with elements of trap beats, boom bap, ghetto tech, acid house, and even grunge rock. Tracklist 1. Legend of Zilla 02:24 2. She Isn't Real 02:20 3. When Pigs Fly 02:54 4. Lonely Horned Boy 02:04 5. Hakushakuar (Co-Prod. Professor Megablown) 03:01 6. Russian Breakfast (Bowl of Tears) 02:24 7. GOT 2 LIKE RAMBO (Co-Prod. Professor Megablown) 02:29 8. JJ Gitts (Tentative Spiders) 02:25 9. Prometh Gator 01:43 10. Mundane Mayne 02:57 11. Hawkseye 02:55 12. Jala Gah (Co-Prod. Joon The Monsoon) 02:55 13. Wit Da Goud 03:30 14. rrr rr rrr rr rrrr 02:12 15. What A Cereal Be? 02:42 16. Puupin' 02:22 17. Sensimill (And This) 03:52 18. Codeine Dreams 02:36 19. Yah Mee 03:06 STREAM/PURCHASE


Messy Beatz sends Shocked Phuture Vol. 1 is his second official project of 2013 and features 7 hard hitting Trap / EDM style beats.  Hit the link below!!! Tracklist 1. Fantasy 02:42 2. Shaolin 03:06 3. Face The Enemy 03:01 4. Molly 04:10 5. Show Me Love 02:32 6. Oooh Baby 03:32 7. Flutagious 03:12 STREAM/PURCHASE

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: June 2013

Last week the month of   June came to a close and hundreds of beat projects that have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is the  "Top 10"  list for the month of June . The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list and feel free to leave a comment!!! Gimmie That Beat Top 10: June 2013  1.   logic marselis - Angels Watching Over Me 2.   Sinoptic International - Pure Dopeness Vol. 3 3.   The Other Guys - The Week Instrumental EP 4.   Whyandotte - G(o)LD 5.   Myke Forte - Zodiak: Aquarius 6.   Myke Forte - Zodiak: Pisces 7.   AbsolutZero - AbsolutZero Presents The Cool Vol. 1 8.   Qknox - On A Remote Frequency Outpost In Space 9.   eLiMenCe - No Heart has Quantize 10. Eric Dingus - Subliminal Innocence EP

SRNC Management Group - EP Contest

  SRNC MGMT GROUP and producer The Analyst , team up for an EP Contest, in which they aim to help an up and coming or established artist. We are looking to release a project with an artist who we feel has the potential and drive to become someone great. The rules are simple; download the Zip file with the beats produced by The Analyst , create an EP with all 5 beats, and submit it to us by the deadline, which is August 5th 2013 . The Analyst will pick a winner by August 12th 2013 . We are looking for the best of the best. The winner will receive:   1. PR from SRNC MGMT GROUP for the entire project. Email blasts, social networking, possible interviews & more. 2. 1 single released via iTunes, Spotify, etc. 3. *1 Free Music Video by George Sol of Sol Films. 4. Artwork For Single and Album Release This is our way of giving back to all of the artists out there following their dream and looking for that extra push. We are here to help however we

The Jazz Jousters - Milestone A Year Of Jazz Jousting

Millennium Jazz Music announces their one year anniversary of the Jazz Jousters . Together, the collective have been creating some amazing albums at a very impressive work rate since ‘Almost Blue’ in June 2012 , and they’re completely happy with their success. So in true Millennium Jazz style, they have taken the opportunity to celebrate the achievement and mark the occasion with a Milestone . ***Thanks to Millennium Jazz Music for sending*** Tracklist 1. Gadget & Lady Paradox - Milestone 03:06 2. Stay Classy - Jousters, I Salute You 02:20 3. Diligent Fingers - A Love So Sweet 03:00 4. Pawcut - Clairvoyant 02:18 5. RickMal - Tributary 03:43 6. Mr. Moods - Bouillabaisse 04:42 7. Es-K - eNseMbLe LooP ft. Grant Green Stan Getz and Nancy Wilson 01:23 8. B 3 N B i - Time Flies (Thank You) 03:42 9. Bones The Beat Head - Jaunty Vibes 02:29 10. Joe Davies - Reminiscing 01:46 11. Jaze Baqti - Jazz Mess 02:22 12. Stay Classy - The Voice O

Dj Hellblazer - "Write​." Vol​.​1

Dj Hellblazer sends his EP "Write​." Vol​.​1 .  The "Write." Free EPs are made strictly for talented Mcs and Vocalists in search of unique and inspirative beats to create new and unheard dope Hip Hop.  Hit the link below!!! Tracklist 1. "Dusty goodness" 02:44 2. Magicians never die 02:22 3. Of wolves and men 03:45 4. Right path 03:12 5. Brown milk 04:11 6. Wind flowers 02:35 7. Lost Summers 03:08 8. Bombings after the rain 02:50 STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Tut-Piece - Lost Jury EP

Up and coming producer from the Bronx, NY Tut-Piece sends the Lost Jury EP .  Tracklist 1. Mo' Cedis (Intro) 00:22 download 2. Lustrous 05:16 3. The Professional Pt.2 04:19 4. King's Blues 03:19 5. Follow The Dollar 03:38 6. Threats 03:40 7. 40th Side 03:55 8. After 7 02:28 9. Ma Djo (Outro) 00:46 STREAM/DOWNLOAD

Chize - Live X Good

From the creator of the classic beat tape "Soul x Good" comes an 8 track EP highlighting the ups and downs of life through beautiful samples and instrumentation.. Chize presents to you "Live x Good" .  Hit the link below!!! ****Thanks to Chize for sending**** STREAM/DOWNLOAD

James Burrell - The 9th Wonder Tribute Beat Tape Vol. 1

James Burrell sends "The 9th Wonder Tribute Beat Tape Vol. 1" , his tribute to Grammy award winner, producer, DJ and professor 9th Wonder . Grab it below!!! Tracklist 1. Words From 9th Intro/ Mr. Curtis 04:12 2. Summer Vibe 03:32 3. The Dells 02:27 4. Come Back To Me 04:12 5. Delfonics 02:48 6. Epic Anime 03:51 7. TOO SILKY! 03:55 8. Forgive Me 03:51 9. You Make Me Wanna Scream 03:54 10. Tell All Your Friends 02:35 11. Black Swan 02:43 12. Strong 02:28 13. Walk On By Pt 1 04:22 14. Walk On By Pt 2 03:19 15. The Cool(Interlude) 01:26 16. Coastin-Grindin Project(Prod.James Burrell and Mari Goodman) 04:02 17. 9th Wonder-The Future(Outro) 00:49 STREAM/PURCHASE

Cienta 'O Maquinista - Prologo

  Cienta 'O Maquinista sends the track "Prologo" from 'Prologo Instrumentais' (in English 'Prologue') .  It have 13 tracks, only beats, produced and composed by Cienta 'O Maquinista himself.  Hit the link below!!! Also check it out on YouTube: STREAM