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My Top 5: IV the Polymath

You may be asking yourself "who in the hell is IV the Polymath ?"... He's a helluva producer that always bring that head nod ish.  Peep It,  IV the Polymath is a US-born instrumental musician & hip-hop producer with over a decade of musical experience.  After several well-received digital & cassette releases he's back at it with New vs. Old ; a unique blend of live instrumentation & hip-hop production.   Despite flying under the radar, IV has been steadily building a name for himself thru music licensing ( Mountain Dew Tour 2011 ), collaborations ( junclassic, Atari Blitzkrieg ), radio play ( XM Radio, WEFUNK Radio ), & charity work ( St. Jude Children's Hospital, Charity: Water ). So with that said, IV the Polymath lets you in on his favorite 5 an more. Your Favorite Five Producers: Creed Taylor, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Damu the Fudgemunk, & RJD2 . The Favorite Beat they Produced: Creed Taylor - I love almost everything he did with