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My Top 5: Maverick

Some of the best shit in music drops in your lap through email or word of mouth such as one day last year I recieved an email from Oddisee ( Mello Music Group )  and it was a link to a beat tape EP called "First Step" by and up and coming producer named Maverick . After listening I automatically became a fan and began to follow Maverick 's musical endevors.  Since that time Maverick has worked on various projects such as Redistricting (Diamond District's In the Ruff Remixes) ,  Ghostface Beat Tape   and the Smooth Grooves Beat Tape .  So with that said,  Maverick lets you in on his favorite 5 an more. Your Favorite 5 Producers:  It's funny because I think that this question gets asked to every single hip-hop producer in every single interview...and every single person has a different answer.   I will go ahead and throw it out there that I am assuming you are talking about hip-hop producers...because dudes want to act like they are music historians when you