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My Top 5: DJ Concept

DJ Concept is a DJ & producer from Long Island, New York. He is the co-founder of The Bash Brothers DJ Crew along with DJ Mickey Knox . Concept is well known for his creative use of obscure samples in his mixtapes. He gained a loyal fanbase through his nationwide hip hop show, The Mix Chronicles , on Sirius Satellite Radio . He has been DJing for 15+ years and brings much hip hop knowledge to the table. DJ Concept has released tons of mixtapes , as well as, a few albums including The BYOB LP , Heavy Smoke (Limited Edition Amsterdam Version), his last beat tape M99 : a Dexter themed instrumental album.  DJ Concept is on the verge of becoming one of the most sought after producers in the game, his latest masterpiece "Flight Patterns" is garnering nationwide as well as international attention. Enough of the talkin'...check it out as DJ Concept lets you in on his favorite 5 and more. Your Favorite Five Producers: I hate doing favorite lists because I list