Monday, December 9, 2019

Video: Brasstracks - Always Be My Baby

GRAMMY® Award winning duo Brasstracks release a memorable horn-driven interpretation of Mariah Carey's classic record, “Always Be My Baby”.

Stream/buy here:

Source: Capital Music Group

Alsogood - ProducerLife

Alsogood, an Italian producer and member of HH/ jazz band Figùra sends his beat tape "ProducerLife", which features a sound inspired by his hip hop roots through the use of samplers, finding a perfect combination with jazz instruments and harmonies.

Slum Village & Abstract Orchestra - Fantastic 2020, Vol. 1

Abstract Orchestra (an 18-piece-band) and Young RJ (one half of the legendary hip-hop group Slum Village and Grammy-nominated producer) release a complete rendition of the classic, “Fantastic Vol. 2” album, produced by Jay Dee (a.k.a. J Dilla).

‘Fantastic 2020, Vol. 1’, a 10-track sonic adventure, finds Abstract Orchestra replaying Slum Village’s “Vol. 2” in honor of their 20th-Anniversary release, “Fantastic 2020 V. 1 & V. 2”. Also, as a tribute to the original founding members—T3 and the late J Dilla and Baatin.

Bare Beats - Mili ft. Rosie Greenwood (BSM#15)

Millennium Jazz Music sends "Milli" featuring Rosie Greenwood by Bare Beats, the latest in the Bite Size Moments series.  Stream / Download below!!!

Bare Beats - "This is a dedication to my best friend Mili who sadly passed in May this year due to numerous on-going medical issues. She was a battler and taught me so much about loving this thing we call life and even in her old age where everything was against her she would still greet each day with an undeniable love".

Kensaye - Out On A Limb

Kensaye sends his release "Out On A Limb", which appears on Wattfutchureez compilation for the Slovakian label Gergaz.  Stream the single below!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Nolan The Ninja - ILLPHORIA 2

Mello Music Group sends the official beat tape for "ILLPHORIA 2" by Nolan The Ninja.


01. Blok Dos 02:21 buy track
02. Soleful 02:16
03. Zooone'd 01:36
04. Bonk$ 03:05
05. Sport Loop 01:27
06. Heir 01:02
07. Illuminodee 02:27
08. Dapenze 03:13
09. Spa$e (B-Side) 02:53
10. Smarts 01:52
11. 4Evuh 01:01
12. Sunrise 02:33 video
13. Autumn 01:03
14. Rhodeo 01:17
15. Crudders 01:15
16. (Yuh) Yeah 03:06
17. Proseed 01:13
18. Kneegro 03:16
19. Sunrise (Reprise) 01:27
20. Jai III 02:22
21. Blu's Rap (feat. Blu) 01:04
22. TP16 Freestyle (feat. Semi Six) 01:58

Edward Sizzerhand - A Taste Of Honey

DJ, Beatmaker and Producer Edward Sizzerhand drops his new release "A Taste Of Honey". The release contains spicy beats that can be compared to wildflowers or songs like Chestnut with a bitter finish. Other tracks are as flowery as Phacelia or fresh as Colza. There are 14 honey types on the album altogether. The revenues of this record are going to be reinvested in Edward's beekeeping. SAVE THE BEES!  Stream / Purchase the release below!!!


01. Forest 02:20 buy track
02. Alpinerose 02:22
03. Clover 02:18
04. Dandelion 02:54
05. Phacelia 01:04
06. Sunflowers 02:21
07. Lavender 02:17
08. Fennel 01:06
09. Colza 02:41
10. Wildflower 02:39
11. Basswood 02:16
12. SilverFir 02:34
13. Chesnut 00:55
14. Moorland 02:33

Source: Goon Musick PR

J-Live - At The Date Of this Writing (Vol. 2) (Instrumentals)

Mortier Music sends the instrumental version of J-Live's "At The Date Of This Writing (Vol.2)".


1. By Myself (Instrumental) 03:56
2. Money And Power (Instrumental) 04:17
3. My Teepee (Instrumental) 02:47
4. Roll Tide (Instrumental) 03:43
5. The Plot Twist (Instrumental) 03:58
6. I Digress (Instrumental) 03:49
7. Anotha Hip hop Song (Instrumental) 02:45

Teck-Zilla - B-Boy Zilla II (A B-Boy Breaks EP)

B-Boy Zilla II is a return to form from deejay/producer Teck-Zilla, which serves as his first official instrumental release for 2019. The project is also peppered with snippets from the classic ‘80s dance flick Breakin’, which tie the songs together, creating an overarching narrative. B Boy Zilla II is the sequel to Teck-Zilla’s B-Boy break music series.

Source: DM360