Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Top 5: IV the Polymath

You may be asking yourself "who in the hell is IV the Polymath?"... He's a helluva producer that always bring that head nod ish.  Peep It,  IV the Polymath is a US-born instrumental musician & hip-hop producer with over a decade of musical experience.  After several well-received digital & cassette releases he's back at it with New vs. Old; a unique blend of live instrumentation & hip-hop production.
Despite flying under the radar, IV has been steadily building a name for himself thru music licensing (Mountain Dew Tour 2011), collaborations (junclassic, Atari Blitzkrieg), radio play (XM Radio, WEFUNK Radio), & charity work (St. Jude Children's Hospital, Charity: Water). So with that said, IV the Polymath lets you in on his favorite 5 an more.

Your Favorite Five Producers:

Creed Taylor, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Damu the Fudgemunk, & RJD2.

The Favorite Beat they Produced:

Creed Taylor - I love almost everything he did with CTI records.  Most of my favorite records of all time are produced by him.  If I had to choose one I would say "Mr. Magic" by Grover Washington Jr.

Pete Rock - "A Little Soul" hands down.

J Dilla - So many great ones, but I'm going with "2u4u."

Damu the Fudgemunk - "Coffee Table" from Spare TIme.  I've listened to that beat thousands of times.  

RJD2 - Gotta go with "Ghostwriter."  It's got everything I look for in a beat - it's different, it moves, lots of change-ups, shows lots of skill, but doesn't loose the feeling aspect.

Why or what do you like about their skillz behind the boards?

Well Creed Taylor had his hand in most of the dope records from the 60s & 70s which is a crucial time period in music (ask any crate digger).  Pete Rock is funky and soulful - he perfected a style that many still imitate today.  Dilla just put incredible feeling into his beats & his basslines were always on point.  Damu has the illest drums & his scratching is incredible.  He takes the extra time to perfect his music before it comes out & you can feel the difference.  RJD2 is just original to me.  I'm a fan of more complex instrumentals & producers who aren't afraid to try new things.

How have they influenced or inspired you?

All 5 of those guys have shown me what it means to be great & I've spent years studying their music before inventing my own sound.  Before I release an album, I never compare it to what's on the market today - I compare it to their body of work.  If I don't feel like it measures up, I'll scrap it & start over.

Contact Information:

IV the Polymath
Polymath Records, LLC

Twitter: @ivthepolymath

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