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My Top 5: Myke Forte

In a time when music seems to be lacking creativity and originality to our surprise comes an artist sent from the universe to remind us that creativity and orginality still exist.  The artist that I am speaking of is producer Myke Forte.  The Birmingham, UK producer has given us such gems as the Zodiak beat tape series, a series of beat tapes inspired by the astrological signs.  Enough talkin', check out Myke Forte's favorite 5 and more.

Your Favorite 5 Producers: 

James Yancey (J-Dilla), RZA , Black Milk, Madlib, Just Blaze/9th Wonder ...This is not fair there are so many!

Favorite Beat They Produced: 

Climax, C.R.E.A.M, The Reunion, Distant Land/Stepping Into Tomorrow, PSA/Far Away From Me

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards? 

They all have something unique about their production style, whether its the drums or the way they chop samples. There is certain vibe you get when listening to them. Besides that they all have extensive discographies which shows the work ethic is high.

How have they influenced or inspired you? 

I have been influenced by each of their styles infinitely, and feel that I have progressed because I have learnt from them all. I have studied the way they chop, layer drums, get a certain swing etc. Inspiration will come instantly after listening to all their styles because I hear some shit and im like damn! I need to make something that competes with that, or at least get close to it. Its a hard business to get into so if your not trying to compete with these guys then things will be all the more difficult. I love and appreciate what they have brought to Hip Hop Production. 

Which producer would you like to collabo with? 

I would most like to collaborate with Black Milk, its his drum programming that I really like but his sound is very soulful and funky.

How did the concept for the project Cosmik Panda come about? 

The idea came about when I was on YouTube listening to my favourite music and thought about releasing an album entirely on YouTube in the form of videos. I thought about many concepts and then I stumbled upon a new Beta version of YouTube called "Cosmic Panda" so thats where the name came from. Because of my love for art and visuals I wanted to make a film documenting the process of beatmaking for this project. The main concept for the sound of "Cosmik Panda" developed after I watched the movie "TRON LEGACY" I wanted a spacey kind of energy to it but make it quirky. In addition to the music I decided to apply the "Audiopixel" touch to it with involves Music x Art/Design. 

Audiopixel is all about the fusion of design, art and music. Imagine listening to an album and having artwork for each track as a print that explains, conveys, or interprets what the music sounds like.

Whether the story is told through the expression of “Boom-Bap” style drum programming, and soulful samples, or through thought-provoking, colour blinding visuals.

The two mediums should stand as worthy pieces of art in their own right, or as two pieces of art that complement each other. With this chemistry I hope to plant the seed which I call “Audiopixel".

What was the inspiration behind the Zodiak beat tapes? 

Basically I lost a whole bunch of beats when the Hard Drive in my MPC2500 decided to commit suicide (Approx) 50 beats. I was losing my mind, I knew I couldn't use them to give artists because I didn't have the originals, but then I thought to myself I still have the mp3's of all the beats. I decided to put together a beat tape but couldn't decide on a name. Knowing I had lost so many beats I knew this was an opportunity to improve my beat making abilities by making a beat tape series which could be continued.
In a split second the idea came to me, which was star signs, a lot of people checked for star signs and it would give me something to work with by setting my self a challenge to create music based off of the traits/characteristics with each star sign of the Zodiac. The first tape to come out was "Zodiak::Aries." This was my sign so I started the series off with that and the rest is history as they say. At this moment in time I am now 9 Tapes in with 3 to go which is Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. After its complete I will be releasing a limited box set of all 12 tapes with some bonus material and artwork for those that have managed to get all 12 as my way of saying thank you for the support.

Any final words or thoughts? 

Yeah, I just want to say thank you J. Rizzle for allowing me to say a few words and for your support. Thanks to all of you guys out there that have supported me and my music by downloading, buying, sharing and listening to the work I have created.
One thing I would say is please support the artists or music you enjoy by spreading the vibes, buying music, visiting shows because its tough at times for completely independent artists. I don't have a label backing me or promoting me, I design most of my material, website and fund my projects entirely by myself, without you guys I don't think any of us could continue to put out music we are passionate about. Thats all. Peace

Latest Project:


Cosmik Panda is the second Audiopixel project released involving, independant filmmaker and photographer Suberashi and Post Production House Siwel Productions LTD.

This Audiopixel release is really about film first with the process of beatmaking as the subject. The project is a series of 5 episodes going through the various stages when making a beat. Once all episodes are uploaded via Youtube you will be able to download all 7 tracks from the Ep.

A digital release of the Ep with added content and extras like posters, stickers, videos and bonus beats, in addition to the 7 track Ep with a high Bitrate, will be available.

Check the videos over at

Purchase Cosmik Panda - HERE

More Information About Myke Forte:

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