Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keno Beats - Hard Work Pays Off (Editorial)

When the times are hard, when the doubt is in my head, when the vision of my way to success is not that clear, I remember that : hard work pays off. When the inspiration is blocked by daily life troubles, when the bills knock my head down, I remember that : someone is always listening, somewhere (these are the precise words that my blog partner J Rizzle from wrote to me by email few weeks ago).

This sincere post is dedicated to all my indy artist and all my bloggers and all my true hiphop heads all around the planet : never give up, never stop, this movement is our movement, we make it alive with every new track, new collaboration, new album review, new comment, new email sent. 

Special shout out to my jersey fam DeeRok, owner of the dope blog TheHipHopHead.Net : he put me in his top 5 producers with living legends like Statik or Apollo Brown. Check the blog post right here : DeeRok, my man, your support means a lot to me and will be remembered. Salute.

We here and we all we got. We are alive. HipHop aint dead.
***Thanks to Keno Beats for sharing***

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