Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Top 5: CoolFD

Gimmie That Beat has the pleasure to introduce you to one of the most talented beatmaker/producer based in Orleans, France called Cool FD

The beats and production he brings to the table are made with love, hunger, energy, and hours of digging in the creates.  Cool FD is the type of beatmaker that truly has the passion that is driven by the HipHop movement...Enough talking, it's time to get to know Cool FD.

Your Favorite 5 Producers:

If you mean the producers who I currently payin attention to when they drop tracks, I would say Just Blaze, Statik Selektah, Marco Polo, Jake One, Frank Dukes. Concerning the top 5 of all times, you already know : Primo, Pete Rock, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, and the list goes on...

Favorite Beat They Produced:

Mmmh .. not easy ... I would say :

Just Blaze : "Letter P" by Saigon and Kool G Rap
Statik Selektah : "Stop, Looking and Listen" by Styles P, Termanology and Q-Tip
Marco Polo : the whole Double Barrel Album, that shit goes so hard !
Jake One : Freeway "Know what I mean"
Frank Dukes : Joell Ortiz "125grams pt3"

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards?

They are on the highest musicality level ... they make beats like they run an orchestra ...
That is what i really look for when i listen to a beatmaker work ... Do you make your music living or not ? they do ... any beat of these dudes got soul ..

How have they influenced or inspired you?

I have learned from them the most important thing in my opinion : it's all in the sample choice!

Which producer would you like to collabo with?

Definitely Frank Dukes ...

Is there a particular concept for the creativity of your beats/instrumentals?

I make music to give energy, emotions and power to the people ... This runs everything when I make beats : i am looking for soul in anything i put out

What is the inspiration behind your beats/instrumentals?

My family, always and for ever

How did the concept for Bare My Soul come about?  Don Streat and I started working together 2 years ago. We did a lot of tracks for Bmore2France, and some of them were more personal. Don decided to keep them secret and ask me if I would be down to work on a new project. Bare My Soul was born. And tracks after tracks, we built the whole record together, talking about topics and how beats should sound. We definitely wanted to do it real and sincere. It is all in the title, Bare My Soul !

Any final words or thoughts?

Once again thank you my man for this interview. Thanks again to all the readers of GTB (Gimmie That Beat), stay safe and keep up the good work !

Latest Project/Projects

The project Bare My Soul Mixtape by Cool FD x Don Streat features Solicit, Mayhem (of EMS), Dready, Unreal, Senica Da Misfit, Silo Wette, S.O.N., Mic Handz, Macabeats, Dox Boogie, Joe Lazarus, Revalation (of EMS), DJ Noumzee, Lord Baltimore DDS and DJ Grazzhoppa.  Grab it at the link below to stream and download!!!


More Information About Cool FD:

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