Friday, February 7, 2014

Frank Dukes & The Drum Broker - Kingsway Music Library Vol. 2

Introducing a new concept from Kingsway Music and The Drum Broker, The Kingsway Music Library Vol.2. The Kingsway Music Library is a collection of 15 original samples (master clearance guaranteed) created by multi genre music producer and composer, Frank Dukes. Frank has been composing original samples for the industries top producers including Jake One, Illmind, Cardiak, and more. The Kingsway Music Library was created for the sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants original music to chop, flip, and arrange into headbanging beats without the hassle of digging through endless stacks of vinyl or worrying about sample clearance issues.

***Thanks to WWW.HIPHOPDRUMSAMPLES.COM for sending***


01 Gaden
02. Aquamarin  (ALBUM ONLY)
04. Feelingbad
05. No love for these hoes
06. Simple Things
07. The Squeeze
08. Versace Strings
09. Cold World
10. Vibes in the trap
11. William
12. Shark Moves
13. Balle
14. Shock Theory
15. Bubs 2
16. (BONUS) warriors
17. (BONUS) grand 3 v2


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