Wednesday, June 24, 2015

N.I.C.E. - Making Faces

Someone we all know and love, Beattape Co-Op, wasn't always the one we know as the music sharing god and one of the biggest hiphop appreciators of our time... There was a time he went by the name N.I.C.E., killin' it as a beatmaker for emcees all over the globe. Join us as we give thanks to the man behind the mask.... A 4 track beattape of raw hip hop in classic fashion.

***Thanks to madweight RECORDS for sending***


1. Big Luck & Freddy P - Karma 03:08
2. Omnipotent Allah - Off That 04:49
3. Big Luck Feat. Stretch Money - Grippd Up 03:05
4. Dan Duce - Duce Gon' Win 02:34

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