Monday, October 5, 2015

Trinity Zion - Less Is More Vol. 3

S.wingA.ssemblyM.usikG.roup Presents the 3rd installment of a 5 Volume series entiled "Less is More". SAMG is a Five Producer collective made up of Rob Red, Trinity Zion, The A3, HD, and TouchTone. This album was Produced by Trinity Zion except for The Revolution which was Co-Produced by The A3, and Rob Red.

***Thanks to Rob Red for sending***


1. The Revolution 01:47
2. Blessed 01:12
3. Classic Man 01:35
4. Relentless 01:07
5. Creations 01:24
6. Mr. Zion's Opus 01:59
7. Uno Momento 01:36

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