Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Top 5: Rose Leaves

If you like creativity & originality, then you will like the talented Amsterdam producer Rose Leaves, the producer behind the gem Wonderland featuring Kaye Tunez .  Enough talking... Check out Rose Leaves top 5 and more.

Your Favorite 5 Producers: 

My favorite producers are: Just Blaze, Kanye West, Alchemist, Swiss Beats, ill Mind and I have been listening to a lot to Boi-da1, Vinylz, Mike-Will ,jahlil-beats some honorable mentions.

Favorite Beat They Produced: 

To many to be named but here is a few.

Just Blaze - flip side man you hear the tag, from there it hits hard,i love ,- What we do is wrong.

Kanye West , his earlier work like trough the wire , All falls down and when change the game with 808’s and heart breaks.

Alchemist , Hold you down , instant classic ,such a  good record.

Swiss Beatz, Jigga  , Ruff Ryders Anthem. Swizzle is a top producer, i can’t picture anyone duplicate his sound.

ill Mind , got  a great sound did The Morning for Kanye West.

Im really impressed with the way he works, plus designing high quality drum kits for up and coming producers. 

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards? 

The detail behind there sound, always being innovative  and ahead of the curve.

How have they influenced or inspired you? 

How i approach every project with the intent of making something new and fresh.

My production never stays the same, you can hear it back in everything that i do.

Which producer would you like to collabo with? 

Now with ill mind , how he’s looking out for the up and comers. 

How did the concept for Wonderland featuring Kaye Tunez come about? 

The way Wonderland was created i had the person in mind.

The type off instrumental Kaye Tunez would  sounds great on.

I created a blend off hard hitting drums with a west coast feel to it.

Keep in mind, i like to not sound like the everything out there.

What is the inspiration behind your beats? 

Is just a pure gut feeling, the sound and the drums.

Sometimes i pull inspiration from LP’s or the sounds im hearing.

then i start to put it all together and think about how i can put it all together.

Latest Project/Projects:

The Bridge Promotion sends the first single from Amsterdam producer Rose Leaves' upcomin "Soil EP": Rose Leaves ft. Kaye Tunez - "Wonderland" (prod. by Rose Leaves). Stream the track below!!!

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