Monday, April 4, 2016

Video: Elliot Gann, Psy.D. (Today's Future Sound) Interview

Elliot Gann, Psy.D. (Today's Future Sound) talks favourite hardware, software and artists; and using hip hop and beatmaking to empower young people worldwide.

Today's Future Sound is a charity that introduces young children to beatmaking and hip hop culture, in effort to inspire positive change in their lives and communities.

Today’s Future Sound is a Nonprofit based in the Bay Area, yet its work has spread across the globe, as far afield as New Zealand and Senegal.

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The New Beatmaker: ‘To educate and inspire those new to music production’.

Beatmaking / production videos and tutorials, freeware, VST's, samples, new music, reviews, interviews with artists and industry figures, and more.

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