Monday, November 28, 2016

Tough Crowd - We're All In This Together (Instrumentals)

Tough Crowd originally got together in late 2012 following a good reaction to the Flame Griller debut album to provide a live band for the three MCs ExP, JND and Addverse. Ben Wilson on drums had previously been a guitarist in Freyed Knot, an earlier project of ExP and JND, while Andy Illingworth (a friend of Ben’s) on guitar, Colin Sutton on bass and DJ Illas (the Shedmen DJ) on MPC completed the lineup.  Millennium Jazz Music sends the instrumentals to Tough Crowd's release "We're All In This Together".  Stream & Download below!!!


1. See How It Goes Instrumental 04:08
2. Nowt To Lose Instrumental 03:42
3. Forget Yesterday Instrumental 04:24
4. Hit Snooze Instrumental 02:43
5. Manners Instrumental - MJM097 04:28
6. Suspicious Instrumental 05:46

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