Sunday, September 10, 2017

Anzola - Anzola

ANZOLA is a Venezuelan-born, Toronto-based artist whose loop-based neo-psychedelia music incorporates elements of trip hop, electronic, jazz and and Latin rhythms. On his current self-titled release Anzola, the multi-instrumentalist has created a groove-heavy and laid back landscape utilizing samplers, classic synths, beat machines and live instrumentation which is enriched by a potent cast of international guest vocalists and collaborators.


1. Spirit of a 404 04:22
2. Accurate (feat. Ariana Rodriguez) 04:00
3. Side of Pancakes 04:09
4. Neon Syrup 01:29
5. We All Get it (feat. Rebecca Roger) 04:10
6. Thursday's Gone (feat. 2nd Son) 01:32
7. Soft Fabrics 03:40
8. Second Look (feat. Kara Scarfo) 04:38

Source: iStillLoveHER

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