Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: November 2017

Last week the end of November came to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is "The Gimmie That Beat Top 10: November 2017". The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list.

Gimmie That Beat Top 10: November 2017

01.  DJ Cannon Banyon - Stranger Instrumentals
02.  Laboreal - Croquis D'Azur
03.  Kayo & Slone - The Nap #1
04.  Tha Jazzadelic - Soul Hop Essentials, Vol. 1
05.  Das Label mit dem Hund - Dogztrumentals Vol. 4
06.  Magical Mystery Mix - 70s Japenese Jazz Mix
07.  Ohno da French - It's Great To Be Alive!
08.  Nate Al Beats - Deep Cuts Vol. 1
09.  Marvillous Beats - Classical Hustle
10.  Yung Mulatto - Beat Tap3 

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