Thursday, July 18, 2013

The OriGinALz - Get Lucid

'Get Lucid' is the first LP from West Coast bass music producers The OriGinALz, released July 16th on Gravitas Recordings.  With 8 original tracks, The OriGinALz took an abstract approach to each song and allowed the music to come as it may, rather than a following a set pattern or template.  The LP features remixes by LabRat and FiLiBuStA

***Thanks to 40 Hz Media for sending***


1. Entheogen 03:22
2. Just Feelings 03:32
3. City Skylights 04:00
4. Get Lucid 03:38
5. Descending Ascendance 03:18
6. Cheez Wiz n' Crackers 04:11
7. Abnormal Existence 04:06
8. Morning Blossoms 03:05
9. Get Lucid (FiLiBuStA Remix) 03:30
10. Get Lucid (LabRat Remix) 05:38


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