Bonk Knob Records - Not What I Call Bonk Wave Volume 001

Producer Yoni Den shares the release "Not What I Call Bonk Wave Volume 001" by Bonk Knob Records. So the compilation was based around this idea of making music which is or isn’t bonk wave, and the whole thing is very vague, nobody knows what is bonk wave or what is not, so every artist just makes music! Haha! It’s been a really fun project.

The name of the compilation also pays homage to those old cheap pop compilations “Now That’s What I Call Music”, and the artwork is inspired by some of the early cover art from those, with the artists listed on the front and all that. The shouting man or music cop is a bonk wave motif!

Ok, so Yoni Den wrote up the theme, made up an equally silly ‘label’ “Bonk Knob Records”, which is obviously not a label, and threw the idea out into the indie music community. Over the next few weeks peeps sent me their works and I curated the compilation.

The music is eclectic and wild. There is some really great stuff on there, some bass and techno, some hiphop and beats,(you will probably recognize a couple of artists), some ambient and even some avant-garde art music!


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