Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Small Professor: Mixed Jawns II

For the latest and final installment of the long-running 'Jawns' series of instrumentals, Small Professor sends a followup of sorts to last year's "Mixed Jawns".  Stream below!!!


1. I didn't think i could do it either 01:17
2. Me, me, me and timothy 01:37
3. Let me drop it like this, let me drop it like this 03:22
4. He stole his name from me, they used to call me cliff the glide back in the day 01:54
5. Has was gonna use this jawn, don't know what happened 01:39
6. Gene hackman 02:26
7. Lazarus get run over by a camel and now he's dead again 01:34
8. Gloria from astoria, pt. 0 02:11
9. Whip the color of tangerines 02:17
10. When i walk thru these halls, man this beat should playin 02:27
11. My momma prolly hear that and be mortified 02:40
12. You have to rap like twista on this beat 02:19

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