Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Malk - Plutonium Instrumentals

Big Malk sends instrumentals for Plutonium. The vocal album was made between 2011 and 2013, but Sime also dug into my archives going back as far as 2008.

This is the final release on Big Malk's Degenerate Gamblers Music imprint.

Check out this nice little edit courtesy of Mike Scotto showing the making of one of Big Malk's favorite beats from Plutonium....http://youtu.be/5eTxaVCYOLs

TeamBackpack.net just dropped the second of 3 cypher videos I produced at this year's Mission Underground LA event! Check out this dope cypher featuring Street Light, Oh Blimey & VI Seconds! CLICK HERE: http://youtu.be/VyjLQjl-EHk


1. Area 51 (Instrumental) 02:28
2. Problems (Instrumental) 03:54 
3. Por Favor (Instrumental) 03:25
4. Tarantino (Instrumental) 03:16
5. Purified Absinthe (Instrumental) 02:40
6. Count Your Blessings (Instrumental) 04:43
7. Love Is Love (Instrumental) 03:15
8. Time Forgot (Instrumental) 03:05
9. Trophy (Instrumental) 03:32
10. Aids (Instrumental) 03:01
11. Roof Tops (Instrumental) 02:12
12. Far From Perfect (Instrumental) 03:58
13. Spud Webb (Instrumental) 02:44

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