Friday, May 15, 2015

Small Professor: Mixed Jawns III

With no end in sight, Small Professor's 'Jawns' series of unofficial beat albums continues with the latest installment, "Mixed Jawns III". #ListenToMoreJazz? More like #SampleMoreJazz...SP pays homage to the sound that fueled a golden era here, with a twist; there are also references to the neo-trap sound of the current era, which at times, makes for a challenging, yet rewarding listen. And also, what would a Small Professor album be without song titles that are nonsense if you don't do your googles? 2015 marks 10 years of Small Professor music; MJIII serves notice that he is just getting started.

***Thanks to Small Professor for sending***


1. Hey! (stop biting zilla rocca (stop it)) 03:07
2. Only built 4 stuck in the 90's...II 02:06
3. Phat passed on this beat, i made it to a jam 01:55
4. Let the instrumental assemble, a$$hat 02:40
5. That's how you bring it 02:03
6. Cancer and my name is jamil, haan 01:59
7. A pimp called (film) 01:52
8. Nigga, i don't sleep 02:01
9. I'm the real small god, boy 02:16
10. Young enough to rap along to songs about selling drugs... 03:10
11. Hand me a 7 minute long jazz song and i'll defeat foes 01:41
12. Think i made a wrong turn back there somewhere 02:01
13. Endless loops cause reflection (wrist x 7) 02:27
14. Fake '08 blu jawn 02:31
15. Blowticious (what does it mean) 04:20
16. Wish men would stop harrassing women on the street (free) 03:12
17. Wish cops would stop killing unarmed black people (free) 02:45

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