Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Expert - Dynamic Drift

After a decade of creating groundbreaking hip hop tunes as part of duo Messiah J & The Expert, it's time for beat commander and music master The Expert, to start a brand new chapter of his very own.

That chapter begins with Dynamic Drift, The Expert’s debut album which takes you on a brilliant laid back journey, while still infusing plenty of intricate nuances that makes you want to keep hitting that repeat button.

***Thanks to The Expert for sending***


1. Short Trips 03:21
2. Dreaming My Life Away 03:33
3. Devine 02:29
4. Unexplainable Feeling 03:41
5. Da Wha? 02:12
6. Dynamic Drift 03:14
7. DD Interlude 00:54
8. Sharks In The Boardroom 02:53
9. Toasted Tuna 03:29
10. Problems 02:35
11. Ice Cream Saturdays 03:00
12. Crazy Rain 01:41
13. Rainy Night 02:49

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