Sunday, November 13, 2016

Red Pill & Ill Poetic - Instinctive Drowning Instrumentals

Mello Music Group sends the instrumental version of Red Pill "Instinctive Drowning" produced by Ill Poetic so that people can hear just went into making this important piece of the Mello Music catalog. It's really incredible work involving forgotten art-punk 45s and foreign psyche funk, a wide range of musicians and singers, all combined.


1. The New Normal (Instrumental) (free) 03:57
2. Four Part Cure (Instrumental) (free) 04:07
3. Club Priviledge (Instrumental) (free) 03:40
4. Stars (Instrumental) (free) 03:04
5. Fuck Your Ambition (Instrumental) (free) 04:27
6. Gin & Tonic (Instrumental) (free) 05:01
7. Instinctive Drowning (Instrumental) (free) 06:08
8. When The Devil Knocks (Instrumental) (free) 04:54
9. All Along The Shore (Instrumental) (free) 04:47
10. Jeffrey Star (Instrumental) (free) 05:51

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