Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Jazz Jousters - Locations: USA

Welcome to season five of the Jazz Jousters sessions. MJM would like to present Locations: USA. In this session we hear the result of each Jouster as they each chose one or more Jazz musicians from the United States and began to work with that sound and come up with an instrumental in their own style, just like in season four. However there was a twist, this time they were challenged to focus on Jazz between the years of 1960 to 1969. See what you think of the outcome...


1. Devaloop - Portraits
2. Gadget - Bubblicious
3. B-Side - Mindset
4. SmokedBeat - ArtMerica
5. Charlie Mac - Omens
6. Slone - Let's Get Free
7. Pawcut - One 4 Sylvia
8. Bones The Beat Head - Vanity
9. Says Who? - Switch
10. Es-K - In Peace
11. Locations: USA Teaser mix - Pre-order Vinyl + Cassette Now! 06:25

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