Ruff Graft - J Dilla Tribute: LIMITED CD EDITION

Ruff Graft is an in-house collaborative album that was thought up, worked on, and completed for release in a space of five days in order for Millennium Jazz Music to pay homage to the late J Dilla during the days of his memorial.

The project features the majority of MJM's production team with beatstrumentals from the likes of SmokedBeat, RickMal, Bones The Beat Head, Stay Classy, Gadget, and an intro and outro pieced together by DJ Jonny Jazz.

***Thanks to Millennium Jazz Music for sending***


1. DJ Jonny Jazz - Ruff Graft Intro 01:37
2. SmokedBeat - Dillin' 01:31
3. Stay Classy - Feel It 01:52
4. RickMal - CrazY EarS 02:39
5. Bones The Beat Head - Sober 01:09
6. Gadget - Bass Driven Cruise 02:50
7. RickMal - Don't Be Afraid 02:43
8. Stay Classy - Pastry Interlude 01:17
9. SmokedBeat - Lovin' 01:55
10. Gadget - Claire Got Played 03:05
11. DJ Jonny Jazz - Ruff Graft outro 02:49


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