Contest: Millennium Jazz Music - Diggaz Love Lab Sessions #1 (Beat Competition)

Beat comp time. This is all just for a bit of fun, but we’re kicking the first session off with a friendly competition. Ok so let’s do this…

Thanks to two of our admins (Bare Beats & Stay Classy) we have managed to narrow down a batch of songs to just one sample worthy little gem. Details are as follows…

The Sample: Claudio Tallino Sweet Mouth Stepsister 

Use the sample as the main part of your production. Feel free to add additional sounds, samples, synths, scratching or vocal chops, but no remixes. The beat must stand alone as an instrumental that shows off your take or style when using the sample.



  • Beats should be at least 1:30 minutes long in play time.

  • Leave a comment here in the Diggaz Love: Lab Off’s group if you want to enter. Don't be shy!

  •  Submissions: Send your finished track over to as an mp3 (320 kbps) to be uploaded on a stream that will be posted in the group after the deadline where all can hear the submissions and possibly leave feedback. Don't leak beats before the judges decision.

  • The winner of the comp will be decided by an unbiased panel of judges made up from beat bloggers, label owners and underground radio personalities.
The Judges...
1. ExP/A Up Radio
2. Beat Tape Co-Op
3. Edgar @ STERYO
4. J.Rizzle @ Gimie That Beat & Definition of fresh
5. Derrick aka Vitamin D @ Cold Busted Records

  • WINNING: The winner of the comp will have the option to receive some merchandise or have a digital project funded and released by Millennium Jazz Music.

  • Deadline: 11:59pm (UK) Saturday July 11th 2015. 

Judged by...

Enjoy, and good luck!!

Gadget out!


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