My Top 5: Chat Noir

Gimmie That Beat has the pleasure to introduce you to one of the most talented duos based in the Paris, France called Chat Noir, which are producers Odweeyne & Gorilla Glock. It's time to get to know Chat Noir.

Your Favorite 5 Producers:

Odweeyne - There are alot of producers I listen too who have influenced me by their way of working are: Lord Finesse, T-Ray, Easy Mo Bee, Buckwild, Da Beatminerz, DJ Muggs, Nick Wiz, Madlib & Ray West for the way they flip their samples. Also in France, I've been influenced by DJ Detonateur (Producer for French group NTM on the 2 first albums) and DJ Max.

Gorilla Glock - I don't have a favorite producer, it's more how they work on tracks and LPs, the way they flip the sample or create the music, the new perspective they are bringing to the table, like Da Beatminerz (with the 1st Black Moon album), RZA (with the 1st Wu-Tang album), Quincy Jones or Prince in their field of expertise, but also EL-P with Company Flow, DJ Krush, it's hard to really pick someone out, at least for me, I think every beatmaker is capable of doing good music, even if there are more misses than hits.

Favorite Beat They Produced:

Odweeyne - Lord Finesse - Funky On The Fast Tip (Original Version), T-Ray - Lower Da Boom (Artifacts) & I Ain't Going Out Like That (Cypress Hill), Easy Mo Bee - Gimmie That Loot (Notorious B.I.G.), Madlib - Law of Physics (Lootpack), Ray West - Black Keys, Red Piano, Buckwild - Lyrics (Remix) (Special Ed), Da Beatminerz - 回帰線 (Rino), DJ Muggs - Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill), Nick Wiz - Somethin' To Listen To (Natutilus), DJ Detonateur - J'appuie sur la Gachette (NTM), DJ Max - Tout n'est pas si facile (NTM)

Gorilla Glock (Just to name a few) - EL-P - 8 Steps To Perfection, Havoc - Shook Ones Pt. 1, Ruggedness - Checkin Down The Menu, Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About, Godfather Don - Lex Lugor, Madlib - WLIX, Mr. Walt - Make Munne, Fredro Star - Mos Def, Alchemist - Get Twisted

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards?

Odweeyne - I like all their ways they make their drum patterns! Their ways of filtering, chop or loop the samples. How they make a phat beat with only a small amount of memory (SP1200)!

Gorilla Glock - Creativity, the way they've worked their samples, the samples they used, how they've used them, the way they've heard it, being original and digging outside your comfort zone to do beats is key for me, expanding horizons, trying to sound different than the next producer, there's good music everywhere as long as you take the time to look, in every country.

How have they influenced or inspired you?

Odweeyne - They inspired me in my diggin'. I don't only sample American Jazz, Soul or Funk, but I dig into everything. There are many heavy sounds in countries which onewouldn't think!

Gorilla Glock - In Hip-Hop, my eraof choice being 92 to 94, I try to do beats like that, Timberland Boots Beats, ruff and rugged boom bap stuff, headnod jeep beats, whatever you call them, so I guess it's more this era that influences me rather than something else.

Which producer would you like to collabo with?

Odweeyne - Honestly, nobody! On the other side, to meet to learn a few tricks, yes! I desire always to learn and to know!

Gorilla Glock - No one precisely, you can learn from everyone.

Is there a particular concept for the creativity regarding your production?

Odweeyne - I do some beats I want to listen to. I don't make music thinking that people are going to love my work! The goal is to do what we love...this is what I think! I start first and foremost by the drums! It's more important to me. After I try to find an atmosphere that will emerge from the song!

Gorilla Glock - I guess like many producers, I make beats that I dig and would play as a DJ, even if often I'm the only one liking my beats, it's really being in your own world. The rapper is an important element, that's why I mainly send loops and let the rapper do his thing, when I get the vocals back I do the structure or even re-do the beat or put another one if it fits more to the lyrics, then I do the cuts and scratches. I try to connect the beats and the rhymes together to get a whole atmosphere. I'm also trying to look for samples in other genres of music other than Jazz or Soul, and if I use a sample I already know I try to come up with a different way to flip it.

What is the inspiration behind your instrumentals?

Odweeyne - As I said before, The Drums! For me, it's the basics. For example when Clyde Stubblefield & James Brown were on stage and the same loop turned for 20 minutes, everyone was intoxicated. This must be stubbornly.

Gorilla Glock - Drums

How did the concept for Awon's EP : "Matte Black Soul - Chat Noir Version" come about?

Odweeyne - I've known Awon by Gorilla, Awon is a great rapper. Then Gorilla asked me if I was interested in remixing Awon's album. I said yes because I thought that I could bring a different atmosphere to the album.

Gorilla Glock - Awon being an exceptional person and lyricist, I asked him if we could remix his sophomore LP with our own twist. For me it's the building up of what we've started on "Saskwatch Iron".

Any final words or thoughts?

Odweeyne - First of all thanks a lot for your interview. Thanks to the people who are supporting us. Thanks to The Bridge Promotion & Francois for his support!

Many thing will follow with my label SO CRACKED LAB...Also follow SERGENT RECORDS and CHAT NOIR

Gorilla Glock - Everyone has influences, being original is somehow being able to digest all of them and still come up with something fresh on your own, adding your personality, without forgetting where you come from. There's only one Primo or one Pete Rock, so it's time to stop buying their supposed drums kits off Ebay and programming like them, because in the end you're just biter of their style and you should ask yourself if listeners like your beats because you sound like a Primo or Pete Rock. Do your own thing without listening to haters, which is not easy at all. Don't let Facebook or Soundcloud "likes" influence your music because you might be ending up doing beats for people to like them and get their approval and not to express yourself..."Thank You" for doing this interview with us!!!

Latest Project:

The Bridge Promotion sends the new release a remix version of Awon's EP : "Matte Black Soul - Chat Noir Version", from the french beatmakers Chat Noir (Odweeyne x Gorilla Glock - Paris, France).  Stream the EP below!!!


1. Escapin Youth (Odweeyne) 03:16
2. Hungry (Odweeyne) 03:17
3. Natural High (Gorilla Glock) 02:46
4. Have Mercy (Gorilla Glock) 03:24
5. Can You Feel It (Gorilla Glock) 03:04
6. Take Time (Odweeyne) 03:31
7. Exquisite feat Dephlow (Gorilla Glock) 03:07
8. Ying vs Yang (Odweeyne) 02:16
9. Free Your Mind (Odweeyne) 01:56
10. Haunted (Gorilla Glock) 03:47

More Information About Chat Noir:


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