DJ Harrison - Songs From The Black Water (Snippet Mix)

In this digital age, it’s unusual to find an artist dedicated to embracing a true analog approach. DJ Harrison is from that rare breed, and his upcoming EP ‘Songs From The Black Water’ proves it. Although musically grounded in the modern era, this EP was not made on a laptop, and you won’t find it on Soundcloud (other than this teaser and the upcoming single), iTunes, Spotify, Beatport or anywhere else as a digital product. The place you will find it is on a cassette, where the authenticity of tape brings out the organic, feel-good vibes of Harrison’s soulful hip hop soundscapes.

***Thanks to Magnum PR for sending***

Full EP out now on Liquid Amber:…ater-ep-cassette


a) Wave Flow
b) DooWop Glow
c) Drowned Out
d) Hydroplane
e) Pantry (ft. Paten Locke)
f) Rain Dance
g) Sunset Lake
h) Slipped Up
i) Flood Gate
j) Washed Away


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