Gravity Movement sends the new project "Far From Home"...Check out the concept of the project below, then go stream and purchase...Enjoy!!!

Far From Home is the theme of the project in regards to the style of the music being far from my normal sound, in relation to where I live and where I am actually from (NY), and in regards to being behind the scene in relationship to my music and now stepping out from the shadows. Most of my music is sample base, but with this project I've experimented with synths and digital sounds more than I have in the past. It's an instrumental project that was created to paint pictures and create dope moods/vibes. - Gravity Movement


01. Ultron 02:27
02. Far From Home 02:48
03. REM 03:45 
04. Morning Star 01:27
05. Alpha 04:15
06. Magnetic (Corny Love Song) 03:51
07. Omni 03:17
08. Elevate 03:34
09. Nine (Space Dust) 03:11
10. Newcleus 02:48


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