Fort Ancient Airlines - Montreal

The Fort Ancient Airlines series has gone international as it flies listeners north to Montreal! This series is a collection of instrumental boom bap beats that we feel represents the various cities we visit. Montreal is the sixth EP in the Airlines series. Each flight has a new guest pilot and this time around it's Homage CVG that takes us through the skies. Homage CVG is a founding member of Cincinnati record label Fort Ancient Records and has numerous releases under his name.

Fort Ancient Records consists of five beat makers: Homage CVG, Waldo from Cincinnati, Phonophage, Dren AD and Samuel Steezmore. The collective was founded in 2017 and has released over 20 projects since then..


1. Everybody on the Plane 03:04 buy track
2. Canadian Geese 02:39
3. Amour 01:36
4. The Expo 02:59
5. Au Revoir 01:30

Source: Fort Ancient Records


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