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These days music seems to be lacking creativity, originality and emotion... to our surprise comes a producer sent  from the land of Illadephia, Pistolvania aka Philly to remind us that creativity, originality and emotion still exist. The producer that I am speaking of is Wes Pendleton. The talented producer has given us such gems as My Life Complete, Basic Essentials EP, Love*, Pads and his latest project entitled Refined EP.  Enough talkin', check out Wes Pendleton's top 5 and more.

Your Favorite 5 Producers: Pete Rock, Premo, 9th Wonder, Dilla and Vanilla

Favorite Beat They Produced: Pete Rock - Nothin' Lesser // Premo - NY State Of Mind // 9th Wonder - Away From Me // Dilla - Untitled/Fantastic // Vanilla - The End

Why or What do you like about their skillz behind the boards? I've always been fascinated primarily how these guys can flip a sample into an entirely new melody and groove. It's one of the main tactics I use primarily when sampling. I haven't looped in years.

How have they influenced or inspired you? The most inspiration definitely comes from creating something completely different by using bits and pieces from an original. I've always considered sampling an audible form of collaging, where you take different cohesive pieces from one place and create something completely new while still maintaining the integrity of the original.

Which producer would you like to collabo with? Right now, I would love to work with Ta-ku or Atu. Those guys have inspired me heavily over the last year and some change as far as using taking my signature style and creating from that foundation and merging into something that has a broader appeal. They are only ones that really forced me to get out of my safety shell and try new things and styles.

Is there a particular concept for the creativity of your beats/instrumentals? Mainly to just create from the soul, and make music that makes the head nod.

What is the inspiration behind your beats/instrumentals? Most of my inspiration comes from growing up listening to gospel and soul records at the crib. Saturdays were the day we cleaned as a family, and the vinyl would be spinning for hours playing classics. That sound and feel never left me, and definitely shows when I create.

How did the concept for "Refined" come about? I've always been known primarily as a boom-bap/sample/soul kinda guy. That sound is my heart for sure. But I wanted to create a sound that took that feel and made it way bigger, via layered kicks with 808s, wide synths, and airy vocals underneath. I've done these sounds before but they were often lost in the shuffle of trying to "keep it real". At some point last year I realized I was really stifling myself and needed a way to let it out. This is how the initial concept of Refined came about.

Any final words or thoughts? Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to voice some of inspirations and let folks see a little more of me. Hopefully everyone enjoys Refined as much as I enjoyed making it. Peace. 

Latest Project/Projects:

Illect Recordings sends the instrumental EP by Wes Pendleton titled Refined. This is the fourth instrumental project for the music producer– previous instrumental projects include My Life Complete (2007), Love* (2012), and Pads (2013).  Hit the link below to stream & purchase.


01. Spellbound
02. The Real
03. LoveLust
04. Aura
05. See That Bounce
06. Grand (Bonus Track)


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